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  1. backstreetgirl

    Sniffer's back.

    I've posted about this before but Craig, please, if you read posts on here, believe me when I say you really need to stop sniffing just as you speak, it's the most annoying habit. I wouldn't mind so much if he just sniffed generally but he sniffs/snorts as he talks as well as sniffing in between...
  2. backstreetgirl

    Can someone plse tell Craig.....

    ..... to stop sniffing or is it breathing in deeply. He says a word then sniffs or breathes noisily. I only noticed this recently and now I can't un-notice it and it's all I hear, it's like an annoying habit he's got.
  3. backstreetgirl

    Which presenters like/dislike their colleagues?

    I was wondering if any of the presenters don't get on with any others at QVC and which are good friends? (You can tell we're in lockdown still and I'm bored!) I know that Ali Keenan is good friends with Charlie & Kathy Tayler but I don't know about the others. In the studio it's always 'the...
  4. backstreetgirl

    Help with a return please?

    I have an item to return (Elemis TSV) and usually I go to the post office but I haven't been out for weeks so I want to do it through Hermes, but I'm not getting anywhere with knowing how to go about it. I know on the QVC website it says to go to Myhermes but then what if you're sending to QVC...
  5. backstreetgirl

    ..... and now Anne's Mrs annoying!

    What is it with these presenters lately, so up themselves! Jemma on MB just said that you get the boxes with their deodorants & joked that she herself was obsessed with packaging. Anne gave a sneer & sarcastically said 'yes we've heard that throughout the day so far.' Jemma laughed awkwardly...
  6. backstreetgirl

    Shut the hell up Alison!

    Was just watching Margaret Dabbs & was very interested in the product for bunions as I have one. I was trying to hear what Margaret was saying, how she was explaining the way it worked & how bunions form & Alison KEPT talking over her, until in the end I shouted at the tv for her to shut up...
  7. backstreetgirl


    Oh no, Mrs Ermm (JK) is on. Nothing decent on the other channels so thought I'd try QVC but the thought of an hour of 'ermm' puts me off, I'll just be waiting for her to say it the whole time.
  8. backstreetgirl


    I know that Anne's a nice person as I saw her once in an interview, but oh my gosh I don't rate her as a presenter. Just watching her with the Lakeland heated airer TSV & she's constantly interrupting, causing the Lakeland woman to stutter. You don't find out much info from her either, she just...
  9. backstreetgirl

    Debbie Flint's presenting style

    I was looking forward to the Gatineau showing this evening but I've had to switch over because of Debbie Flint. Her patronising, slow way of speaking was getting on my nerves. She speaks like she's talking to a class full of 5 year olds, emphasising words etc! Just why?!
  10. backstreetgirl

    Miceal umming & aahing today

    What's up with Miceal today? Watching him on the jewellery outlet, he's making mistakes, repeating descriptions, lots of 'emm's and just so hesitant that it's embarrassing.
  11. backstreetgirl

    Decleor - can anyone help with product usage plse?

    I ordered the Decleor TSV, which includes 2 Aromessence oil serums. I have never had anything from Decleor before so was looking forward to trying it. But.....the oil serum. It says you only need 3 drops for your face?! I've tried using 3 drops, I've put the drops on 3 fingers and then on my...
  12. backstreetgirl

    Anne Dawson

    I've seen Anne being interviewed and she seems lovely, but as a presenter, noooooo. Over the past few days she's been on a lot & she does far too much talking (rambling). Today she's on Amanda Wakeley''s hour & every other word is beautiful/stunning/gorgeous/lovely/glorious/fantastic/great...
  13. backstreetgirl

    They can't sell that bloody £400 hairdryer can they!

    Another hour of it, for Goodness sake.
  14. backstreetgirl

    Does anyone know when Liz Earle's next TSV is?

    ......this please?
  15. backstreetgirl

    Julia Roberts

    I'm just curious, I'm watching the Australian Body care show & wondering why Julia doesn't wear a bra that brings her boobs in more to the centre instead of separating them so much? Surely they'd look better?
  16. backstreetgirl

    PS & Shaun

    I'm not a lover of Ideal World, I'm usually (sometimes) on the other side - QVC, but I admit I turn over when I want a *cough* laugh and Peter Simon is on, how he's still going as a presenter I don't know! What rubbish he comes out with. I read in another thread that Shaun is called Numpty or...
  17. backstreetgirl

    I'm now loving Jill F as a presenter!

    Like a lot of people on here, for some reason Jill Franks used to grate on me as a presenter. But what's happened over the past few months? It seems like more of her natural self is coming out and I now see a very funny, caring person who is really likeable. I would much rather watch her than...
  18. backstreetgirl

    Is Chloe pregnant or has she just put on a few pounds (I dont mean that nastily btw!)

    I saw her on the handbag presentation today after not seeing her for a while and she looked noticeably fuller, so I was just wondering?
  19. backstreetgirl

    Chloe Everton

    I started off not liking her at all when she first started, then I didn't mind her, now I've gone back to not liking her again. She comes across more of a hard selling saleswoman than people say DF is, I really don't like her. I recorded two of the Gatineau shows yesterday as I was going to be...
  20. backstreetgirl

    Oh dear Jill Franks, porkie time again

    People have posted on here about porkies told by presenters and I'd never managed to catch any of them out - until yesterday. It was of course our favourite presenter, Jill Franks. She was presenting the Laura Gellar hour on Saturday and exclaimed (breathlessly) that she had the foundation on...

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