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  1. China Girl

    More wrong information given out.

    Just watched a bit of the beauty hour, Debbie Flint was on with the new PK guest. They were showing the new shampoo and conditioner set, coconut breeze. Debbie said..."this one doesn't contain any SLS, well I can't see it listed on here anyway" she was pointing at the ingredients label on the...
  2. China Girl

    Expensive hair products.

    Qvc have had lots of haircare brands over the years, always promoting them as far superior to supermarket and high street brands. There is a programme on tonight..Horizon BBC 2 9pm, called hair care secrets. They reveal whether or not it is worth buying expensive shampoos etc. and the research...
  3. China Girl

    philip kingsley any good?

    What do you think of Philip Kingsley shampoos and conditioners ? (not elasticiser) I know I'll get honest reviews on here. I was thinking of the body building and re moisturising conditioner set .Reviews are mixed, one saying it wrecked her hair, another saying they are the best thing ever.
  4. China Girl

    Behind the scenes at Q

    I've just watched a show I recorded on BBC 1 from Tuesday night, it was called Facelifts and Fillers. It featured the clinic of Dr Darren McKeown, in Glasgow. Apart from all the usual botox and fillers goings on, he decided to create his own skincare range called Stop Wow. Apparently this was...
  5. China Girl

    Refusing a delivery

    I ordered an Elemis item on advanced orders recently, It was due to be sent out from 15 Feb. On Friday I rang customer service to cancel my order, I had changed my mind about it. They said it had just been processed and was on it's way to me.I was just told to refuse delivery when it arrived and...
  6. China Girl

    Liz Earle haircare

    Anyone on here tried LE shampoo and conditioner? I know they have now reformulated the conditioner, but is the range good? it gets mixed reviews, I would rather have honest opinions from forum members. Thanks :mysmilie_504: in advance.
  7. China Girl

    Elemis creams

    I have liked and used pcmc and oxy night cream when it has been in Qvc kits. There is a new one called pro intense lift night cream, I tried some at an Elemis counter yesterday. At first I thought it was nice, lovely texture, then after a few minutes it dried down to that really awful smell that...
  8. China Girl

    Qvc beauty channel

    Just had a look on the beauty channel, it is clips from Gatineau shows. Amica was the model for the cleanser and toner. I know she was their model for a long time, but it was a bit of a shock to see her on and looking as we all remember her. Very poignant to see her and knowing the reality, what...
  9. China Girl

    Help with yankee tart burner please.

    I've recently bought a yankee tart burner, not the plug in one that was the tsv, it's one that you use with a T light underneath. It's lovely except for one thing, when I blow out the T light the wax from it spills over and even went on the table I had it on. I've tried being extra careful but...
  10. China Girl

    Anything goes

    I have watched a few of these Saturday night shows, well bits of them anyway. The jolly party atmosphere they are trying to create just seems forced to me. Some of the guests look uncomfortable, the hilarity is coming accross as one big act and it's like some awful party where you just want to...
  11. China Girl

    This lovely forum

    I have watched Qvc from the start when Julia came on with John Briggs on the very first show. Have watched ever since and ordered now and again, some good stuff, some not so good along the way. Came across this forum by chance a couple of years ago and just had to join, didn't realise back then...
  12. China Girl

    Jill Franks--again!!!

    I have just watched the Bobbi Brown hour and it was ruined as usual by the ever present JF. Paul is one of the better guests and a pleasure to watch and listen to,but that woman :headbang: amaaaaaaazing, hello, can't live without, to die for, Qvc...can't you see what we see? and what's with...
  13. China Girl

    Decleor or Elemis ?

    Both top brands at qvc, but which one do you all prefer and why?
  14. China Girl

    Do they really use their own products ?

    Following on from the other threads mentioning Tova,I have been wondering if she really does spray herself with her own perfumes when not at qvc. According to the many reviews the pefume quality has gone down since the early days,can we believe a woman of old school glamour,not short of a few...
  15. China Girl

    theme music

    Is this weekend's theme music annoying anyone else ? it's on every break as well as before each hour,what with that and high pitched Pipa I've switched off to give my ears a rest. :yawn:
  16. China Girl


    Just watched the Philosophy hour with Debbie G and the new presenter Lee [not the old Lee unfortunately] but he is very pleasant and easy to listen to,much better than Robin anyway. They had Renne and Emma--who seems to be on every beauty show--demonstrating the new perfume.I don't know why they...
  17. China Girl

    hair product similarities

    I recently bought the new John Frieda shampoo and conditioner called full repair,it is a volumising range to make your hair appear fuller with more body, it is very good. This got me thinking,John Frieda's chemists also make Lulu's operation glam hair products as sold on qvc which she says are...
  18. China Girl

    Alpha H and JF

    I see that Jill Franks is on with Alpha H tonight at 9pm,I remember a while back when she was on with another brand,think it was Liz earle, she said she loved natural products etc etc and that she had been trying out another brand which didn't suit and let slip it was Alpha H, she then visibly...
  19. China Girl


    There is an article in daily mail femail today about obvious cosmetic surgery.Lulu's pillow cheeks are mentioned and one of the comments below the article says that she would have us believe it is the result of her products that she sells on qvc.
  20. China Girl

    Jill Franks

    I have just had to switch off the Liz Earle hour because I can't stand to watch another minute of JF,she is worse than ever tonight,hogging the show and talking constantly about all the presents she loves to buy for her girlfriends--why can't she just say friends like most people do? it's an...

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