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  1. Twinklette

    I have to have a delivery rant!

    The reason why I've submitted my other post asking about purchasing from QVC US is I have just had two MAXX bags delivered today. Well....I say delivered as I certainly had two items arrive but MAXX bags they were not. The first one, which should have been a shopper bag is a Ronni Nicole...
  2. Twinklette

    Can you purchase from QVC America?

    Hi everyone, I'm sure someone has asked this before but I can't remember - but are we able to purchase from QVC US and have it shipped to the UK?? I've looked on their shipping FAQ's but there's nothing there. If anyone knows I'd be grateful/ Thanks in advance! Twinklette x
  3. Twinklette

    When QVC sell returned items what they're doing in the US......

    I know that we often comment and complain when we receive what is obviously a QVC return (I've had Markon boots that had clearly been worn and scuffed, and a pair of EMU boots where they'd left the original purchasers return form in the box!). I don't know if anyone else has seen this but I...
  4. Twinklette

    Anyone got the new Tacori item numbers?

    Particularly the pearl & heart bracelet.. Many thanks! Twinklettex
  5. Twinklette

    Does anyone have the item number for the Sue Devitt lipsticks?

    Hi, does anyone have the item number for the Sue Devitt lipsticks that were featured last night (Mon)? I can't find them on a QVC search. Thanks! Twinklette x
  6. Twinklette

    Kathy Van Zeeland TSV Friday

    I know it's not to everyone's taste but does anyone know what the KVZ TSV is going to be on Friday? Twinklettex
  7. Twinklette

    Mally Beauty

    I think there was a thread on Mally Beauty before we lost all the data. I've noticed there's a show next Tuesday evening at 8pm. What do you think of Mally? Have you used it? Some of the reviews aren't great for certain products. I'm looking at the foundation & concealer kit but don't know...

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