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    beauty baloney?

    Tuned in this morning to check out the TSV and it's a Neom set consisting of a large candle, a bath foam and a pillow spray. It's very expensive but it looks lovely, so other than the price I'm not knocking it. (would be very chuffed to receive it as a gift). However the BA, a Julia Roberts...
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    30/60 day MBG

    I often read the comments on Q's fb page and have noticed pretty much without fail, when somebody's slagging off the ridiculous p&p costs and policies, somebody else will pipe up with "where else can you get to try, and actually use something for 30 or 60 days and get a full refund? My opinion...
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    Today I got rid of.......

    Well it works both ways doesn't it. I mentioned on a couple of threads that earlier in the year I bought a Kim & Co paisley knee length dress and it's lovely. I wore it to the pub on the day it arrived and was happy with it, and it's been hung up on one of my clothes rails upstairs since the...
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    Foundation/cc creams

    Just watching..and what a flaming palaver! I'm not knocking foundations/cc creams/face powder and I totally appreciate how much confidence it gives people especially if they've got skin problems, discolouration etc..but what's it all about these days? Primers, foundations, finishing...
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    Help...what was the brand?

    It's not important that I find out because I most certainly don't want to buy this product again - but recently when we were talking about skincare on here, I remembered a set of skincare products I bought from QVC which cost an arm and a leg and were just awful. Why I didn't return it under the...
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    Pick of the day moccassins

    2 pairs of leather moccassins for £35 a choice of umpteen colours..but something's amiss about them. To be fair I'm not normally a big fan but have worn a moccasin style of shoe for work in the past and have found them really comfortable. I'm in need of new work shoes so this would be a good...
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    Marla Wynne T-shirts

    lying in bed a while ago I turned the tv on and it was tuned into qvc..and I thought I saw them selling a Marla Wynne T-shirt for about £55, first I thought I was dreaming...then realised I wasn't. The presenter was bigging up how it had a special seam along the side that made it flow away from...
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    It's taken me a while...but Eureka! I've found it!

    TJC is now my "go to" channel...this is not because I'm remotely interested in buying jewellery, though some of it is tempting..It's the other crap they sell. It's all the random low end crap that the sit ups used to sell. I used to love watching sit ups for that reason, questionable fragrances...
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    Hilarious informercial for rechargeable heat pack

    I've seen some funny infomercials in my time but nothing beats the one at the moment for a rechargeable heat pack that you can actually strap around your waist etc...I guess it's not a bad idea but it's the bit where they show the "Old fashioned way" that's so funny. Showing people putting an...
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    2018 Ipad £70 cheaper at

    Just tuned into QVC to see them offering the 2018 wifi ipad 32g for £389 + £6.95 p&p with the option of paying 4 easy payments of £97.25. is offering exactly the same item for £319 + 3.99 p&p, they are also offering 3 months interest free credit, ok, it's 3 month's and not 4 but as each...
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    Had a quick look...and oh dear!

    Don't have sky so I'm unable to view the channel but if the stuff on the website is anything to go by, then oh dear! The fashion section is all underwear and feature packs of socks that are sold in poundland, men's pants that you'd buy on a market stall, there's nothing of real substance, mostly...
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    Ideal world payment line...grrrr!

    I bought some crap a couple of months ago on 2 month's flexipay, but sometime after the first payment, I lost my cards and had to stop them and get new ones...The thing is I'd forgotten about the flexipay, so of course when they tried to get the funds, they weren't able to, so I received a...
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    £60 + £5.99 p&p - what more can I say?!
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    What have I done?

    Ordered the Nicole pick of the day, and a matching dress. Def won't be wearing the ensemble together. Hoping that the black trousers will just be an easy chuck on for summer evenings, possibly might wear the top with it, but the cardigan .....No!!!! Saw the dress and one of the models had tied...
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    If you thought they couldn't get any more like bid, then tune in now!

    60 minute special, complete with Sally Jacks, some other pillock I'm sure I've seen before, ticking clock, sirens going off right left and centre, and a few items of cheap crystal being displayed on a revolving turntable (no classical music this time though). Nothing wrong with the stuff, I've...
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    If you "won christmas"

    Very silly thread I know, but 'cause if I actually did "win christmas" (and we all know that ain't gonna happen) where the feck would I put it all! Those of you who read my "bike box" thread in the drop would know how much trouble I had smuggling that into the house, and that's just one box. Ok...
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    Was I dreaming?

    Think I just saw an ad on IW saying that they're selling 109 bog rolls and however many kitchen rolls for x amount..think Moik's voice said that's 30 pence a roll! Bloody hell - they've reached rock bottom. Hope they don't demo it! Poo Poo will be in his glory!:mysmilie_13:
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    Ideal world savings club!!!

    I have just put the phone down from a young man called Jack who kindly called me from IW to say as I'm such a valued customer he'd like to offer me a "little something" as a reward for shopping with them. "Oh yeah" I said, knowing what was coming next, an opportunity to preview IW's savings club...
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    Toy bundle bargain!

    Either this is a misprint or they really are taking the pi$$ £170 for a £17 helicopter, a £15 VR headset and the rest of the stuff...poundstretcher stuff all worth under £3 I'd say! Sorry but was unable to post a picture!
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    Ice cream maker!

    I had the misfortune of seeing Joanne having a fake-orgasm on live t.v this morning, in fact I've seen her having a couple...and why? The "delicious ice cream" that Joe's been whipping up in this daft contraption that's masquerading as an ice cream maker. From what I can see, you freeze this...

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