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    Christmas with Alison Cork TSV 02/11/20

    I have her fulsome twig tree TSV from a few years ago and absolutely love it, but as Twilight said, this tragic, spindly offering sums up Xmas 2020
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    Laura Geller TSV 24/10/20

    I had a bit of insomnia last night and succumbed to this at about 5am...I'm so weak o_O
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    I was so naughty and not only succumbed to the Vintage Rose velvet soft throw, but also this set in the seafoam, it just looks so soft and inviting - my OH moans when I get out the cozee home but tough gazungas - as others have said, it's for me...
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    Bloody hell, it's nearly sold out!!!!
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    Absolute rip-off!

    Incl P&P, £63 for 12 cans of beer and 12 tiny bags of pork scratchings?!?!?! Are my eyes deceiving me, surely no one is mug enough to spend so much money on so little :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek...
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    Much obliged to ya, AndiK ;)
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    Cozee Home TSV 29/09/20

    Aw no, this looks gorgeous :eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    Harry Slatkin Home Fragrance TSV 25/09/20

    I bought the vanilla faceted ones (which came in similarly beautiful glass containers with glass lids, but bigger than the TSV ones) and use them for storage all over the flat. I reckon the TSV holders could easily be used to burn other candles as they look equally sturdy - you could probably...
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    Harry Slatkin Home Fragrance TSV 25/09/20

    I succumbed too, I love his candles and previous faceted glass jars are dotted around as they're so useful as storage containers - I also succumbed to the Blackberry Tres Leches candles as well, gah!!!!!
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    New Beauty Items

    Don't worry, AndiK, I had my eye on this and it's now gone on waitlist so we're safe, phew!!!!
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    Doll10 TSV 26/09/20

    You go, Akimbo - I've been forcing myself to put on makeup most days the last couple of weeks and it really does give you a bit of a boost, the TSV looks gorgeous too!
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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    Thanks Boffy, I can't handle cinnamon in candles so this isn't one for me - I agree though, how you wanted it to smell sounds gorgeous!
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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    I'm burning Surprise Snowfall today and love it, it has a really good throw without being choking and reminds me very much of Red Berry & Cedar but with more of a tangy redcurrant note - gorgeous! As Boffy said though, I wouldn't call it Xmassy at all and could definitely be burned all year...
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    14/09/20 - 20/09/20 Big Deals

    Sorry AndiK, if it helps I think it's good value even at the full price, for one thing it's bloody humungous and so snuggly - I got it in the rose smoke (my fave CH colour) but all the colours looked gorgeous, including the black. Hopefully it will come back on sale again - snap it up if it...
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 15/10/20

    Many moons ago I used to volunteer at Battersea and was asked to help out at their annual ball on a perishing night in November. We were all wrapped up in padded jackets and she turned up in a strapless evening gown and spent about half an hour outside chatting to all of us, whilst petting all...
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    14/09/20 - 20/09/20 Big Deals

    AndiK, I think you channelled all your temptation my way cos I succumbed to the CH fluffy poncho (it's lush, I'm not gonna lie), I bought the S&B floral set (currently wearing the cherry blossom, reminds me of YSL In Love Again) and I really fancied the look of this set but have so far managed...
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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    Echoing AndiK, what’s it like, Boffy? I have to confess I also succumbed so hope it’s as gorgeous as it sounds!
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    New Yankee/Woodwick Candle Items

    Darn it, that scent sounds gorgeous 😱😱😱 so tempted as I love a fresh Xmas smell...
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    Practical Presents TSV 02/10/20

    I LOVE hearing about other synaesthesiacs' experiences, I can totally understand all of that and love the addition of patterns too - as for the undercooked bacon, brilliant 😂😂😂😂
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    Practical Presents TSV 02/10/20

    AndiK, I'm sure more people are than know it, but I've always seen everything in colours, so days of the week, numbers, letters etc all have different colours in my head. For example, Monday is pale blue, Tuesday is bright red, Wednesday is ochre, Thursday is dark red, Friday is dark green...

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