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  1. Craftalot

    Yong Kim breaks the £200 barrier

    In the 2pm hour, there is an Embossed Dot Zip Through Jacket for £213.95 (including £5.95 P&P). It's 90% polyester. I just don't get it. Has anyone actually bought YK clothes from QVC and considered them good value for money - am I missing something with this overhyped brand? If I were...
  2. Craftalot

    QVC's having a go at Craft...again

    Looks like Anna Griffen is returning with some cardmaking kits at midday tomorrow. I thought QVC had essentially given up on Craft. Seems an odd move to give it another go, particularly at the end of May (hardly a busy time for papercrafters) and being up against not just Create and Craft any...
  3. Craftalot

    Food of Britain

    I see there's going to be a new series on the Food of Britain. Expect lots of warm words about 'sustainability', 'traceability', 'small producers' and 'supporting our local communities' whilst paying through the nose for very little. What do we expect to see? Miniscule pieces of 'artisan'...
  4. Craftalot

    Radley London

    Ooh, crikey - a bit much but rather nice. I also don't go much on the guest - she's got a very strong East Midlands accent (Nottingham) and is uncomfortable on camera. The accent is very much at odds with the London chic Burlington Arcade exclusiveness that they're trying to create. I'm all...
  5. Craftalot

    Murano Glass Claim

    This lunchtime, the Murano Glass woman has been pointing at three pieces of gold foil in a red photo frame. She claims that one is silver foil, one is 24 carat 'yellow' foil and another is 24 carat 'white' gold. 24-carat gold is 100% gold. Given that white gold is made by alloying principally...
  6. Craftalot


    I generally like Kathy, but the outfit she was wearing for the Tiana B show really wasn't doing her any favours, nor selling the brand. Somehow she'd made it frumptastic! There was also something about the low boots with the vivid print dress with a almost slightly-too-low neckline. Not...
  7. Craftalot

    Christmas, already...

    Yes, it's Christmas launch day tomorrow at QVC Towers. No point boring on about why they've decided that the end of September is the right time to do this, but what would people like to see them do this Christmas, and what would they NOT like to see? I'd like to see them sell some small...
  8. Craftalot

    RJ Garden re-leaf

    Fighting my cynical tendencies and ignoring the Gnome's involvement, it's nice to see QVC donating some of their profits again during this event.
  9. Craftalot

    Oh Jill Franks, you silly woman

    On presenting the £102 short trouser things on Yong Kim today, she said 'oh I'd definitely wear them as yoga pants'. Really Jill...don't you think that's just a little extravagant? Is that what we should be doing now then, to keep up with our North London Yoga Yummy Mummies? And a £118 top...
  10. Craftalot

    Caroline Archer is 39, again

    She's just announced that, 'I'm 39, so this is a bit heavy for me...'. I'm sure she was saying she'd just turned 39 in 2009.
  11. Craftalot

    Christmas expense, what expense?!

    A soap pump for £66, and an iron for £1,600. Clearly QVC assumes that their average viewer has more money to burn after Christmas, rather than less. Maybe they're finding ways for us to spend that £25,000 cheque we found in our stocking.
  12. Craftalot

    Has Lee Clark left?

    I was thinking that I'd not seen much of him lately - having now checked the 'Presenters' section of the IW website, he's no longer listed (although you can still google that page). Do you think he's left - yet another who's found the new Poundshop/Market Stall feel not to their liking. Maybe...
  13. Craftalot

    Help with bingo cards

    We have a little (slightly tragic) game in our house. If some nasty chore comes up (like cleaning out the wheelie bin) upon which we cannot reach a consensus as to whose turn it is, we crack out the QVC bullshit bingo cards. The loser of said game has to do the chore. I need to make some new...
  14. Craftalot

    Susie Adams has had her MOT again

    Looks like a major rebuild this time as well as the usual checking of her levels, resetting her service indicator and draining her sump. The 10pm hour she's on at the moment gives the game away - not only does her forehead not move (again) but those little hamster cheeks are frozen solid. Just...
  15. Craftalot

    £26 delivered price for a loo brush

    Oh, how we laughed. For additional giggles, it's presented by Kenny, the Glaswegian. I'm imagining standing in George Square touting a box of them out of a suitcase: 'just £26 each for a loo brush, come and get 'em at this amazing price...'
  16. Craftalot

    Set of 5 Festive Glass Ornaments Is it just me, or do some of these look suspiciously like Bid tv's infamous Worry Angels, enclosed in a nasty glass bauble with an LED light in them. Would the Q be cheeky enough...

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