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    Sack your buyers IW!!!

    Those responsible for procuring the items for sale on IW need sacked. I'm not referring to the actual items ... although ... I'm referring to quantities. Why do I say this? Because time and time again when not long into an hour they'll say along the lines of: 'Okay, I need to stop things for...
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    Viewers, please use Google FIRST!

    That would be my impassioned plea if I could speak directly to IW viewers. I'm far from a regular viewer these days, however a couple of brief cursory hops on to IW this evening during breaks on proper telly has highlighted the following: Vostok watch being sold for x (can't recall price)...
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    A few general observations & rants ...

    My IW viewing levels are practically non existent these days, however if mainstream telly's got nowt on to my taste I'm still prone to the occasional hop onto shopping telly. Some observations and rants: 1. Couple of weeks back Peter was selling a 3D printer for something like £480. I kid...
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    The presenters tell fibs!!!

    Watched a few mins of Peter presenting the tilty table thingy. 'This is great for someone like me, overweight, out of shape, adding to my back problems that your tilty table will help alleviate ...' MMmm, that's strange Peter. Overweight? Out of shape? But I thought all the keep fit stuff...
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    Do any of you watch IW ...

    ... for long periods of time these days e.g. entire shows or close to entire shows? Or do you dip in for maybe 20-30 mins at a time? Or, are you like me, dipping in for maybe 5 mins max once or twice a week if that? I simply don't find any of it entertaining to watch any more. The presenters...
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    who sells the most?

    As with any sales environment, the monthly league table of presenter sales probably varies. However, on average, if you were to rate the top 5 Ideal World presenters (main channel only) in terms of monthly sales figures (i.e. who has sold the most units) who would you pick and in what order...
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    IW product range, new lines

    IW, like most shopping channels, tends to stick to the same core group of products falling into categories such as homecare, kitchen, clothing, jewelry, keep fit, garden. What kind of items, never seen before on IW and outside of the usual categories, do you think would maybe sell quite well?
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    IW buyers

    ok I admit, my sarcasm mode is well and truly switched on for this post. On IW the other night, Mike Mason was selling something (no you don't say!!!) can't recall what, anyway it's irrelevant to my post. He hushed his co-presenter to urgently update us entirely for our own benefit and...
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    Actress Sarah Parish on IW

    sorry if old news! At first I thought 'OMG talk about bagging a 'name' as a presenter' (yes I should have known ... I've given myself a slap don't worry!) then realised she's on as a guest with Rick to talk health and nutrition. I'm assuming she's flogging something, book, pills, cream, diet...
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    Omg ... Hurry up!!!

    IW is selling stuff like iPADs and it's our last chance to buy ... yes our LAST CHANCE. hurry hurry HURRY, stop reading this, get over to their website and see if they have any left. If not then sorry, you've lost out FOREVER as far as IW is concerned as that was our last chance to buy. Don't...
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    I'm sorry but ...

    ... I simply HAVE to rant! Couple of disclaimers in the shopping channels defense, firstly I'm not their target demographic (nearing middle aged man that has never believed sales hype in his puff) secondly I fully appreciate there are folk out there who enjoy these channels and procure their...
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    Vostok watches ... what a BARGAIN!

    yes, you read me right, a bargain I say, a BARGAIN! ... ... emmm, just not on IW :mysmilie_17: £1,399 is the IW price. :wait: clicky here clicky here and, if this is legit, check this price out granted, not sure what import taxes etc would have on some of those, but would surely still be...
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    irritating presenter voices

    anne dawson (omg can any of you actually watch her for more than 30 secs without turning over or turning volume WAY down!!!) marverine cole, a weird nasally/droning combo.
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    the old duffer's at it again!!!

    peter selling a vacuum thingy last night ... '£35, £35!!!' no peter, £140 ... £35 is the first of 4 installments! :mysmilie_51:
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    it really 'is' becoming Bid TV mkII

    hopped on the other night and peter was in full 'bid tv' style flow, dirty double entendre's, side way glances to the crew eyeing them up and down etc. disappointing. if IW is making a conscious decision to morph into the bid tv mould then good luck to them. it maybe makes for good 'hop on...
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    OMG ... what an AMAZING 1/2 price deal!

    11/03/2015 22.00 show 1/2 price deal vax vrs110 vacum, vax s2 steam cleaner, vax car cleaning kit £139.98 plus £5.99 p&p, saving £139.99 off usual price of £279.97 Mike is presenting and is about to blow a gasket at how good this deal is. People that work at IW are ordering, such is the...
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    misleading sales pitches ...

    Good ol' peter selling the recon iphone with janice, giving it his usual 'not only ...' ramblings but finishing off by saying: 'it's £89.99' eh NO peter, it's £270 on 3 flexi pays!!! 'How much is that fiesta mr/mrs salesperson?' 'it's £250 sir' 'WOW really? just £250?!? I'll take 2, no...
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    the ways IW (and other channels) insult your intelligence

    tbh i'm rarely on any of the channels these days, yes i hop on in-between watching proper telly or during ad breaks etc, but QVC never did it for me and even though i used to quite enjoy IW those days are gone, after a few minutes watching i'm more than ready to return to bbc itv or whatever...
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    let's play around with figures ...

    okay i'm not naive enough to think IW or shopping channels in general are the only ones to do this and yes, i do appreciate they are there to promote/sell goods, however the way figures are used/abused to 'get that sale' annoys me. couple of examples: flexi-pay i don't know if it's just peter...
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    do they WANT ideal world to morph into bid?

    i can only assume peter simon puts sales on the board. channel hopping last night in-between snooker frames, think it was 10pm, peter introduced janice (tech girl) to recorded applause and her walking on from off set, remind you of anything? then hopped on today at 10am to see who was...

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