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  1. Dame Fondacox

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    I succumbed to this as I like the Age Benefit and gommage, and also like the look of the other products. I see that they're still plugging the Beauty Passport but don't mention it's no longer valid after the end of the year!
  2. Dame Fondacox

    Molton Brown Black Friday Deal 25% off

    Just read this on Jill's Linkedin In 1997 a client asked Jill to be their guest presenter on QVC and during her twelve year tenure she was consistently setting and resetting record levels of sales for the brand and the channel and was the first guest to hit the £1,000,000.00 hour!
  3. Dame Fondacox

    Look Fantastic - 35% off Elemis plus BF code

    I've spent far more than I care to think of on LF. There's some particularly good deals on Elemis such as... PC Overnight Matrix which is £96.00 for 50mls, with free P&P compared to £94.00 for 30mls plus £1.95 P&P with Q. Elemis Ice Cool Shaving Gel at £16.25 each compared Q are offering this...
  4. Dame Fondacox

    Molton Brown Black Friday Deal 25% off

    Jill was lovely and used to effuse so much about all the MB fragrances. Her pronounciation of yuan zhi was classic. She was the brand ambassador in the days when the MB TSVs really were a great deal and something to behold. So sad to hear of her passing RIP.
  5. Dame Fondacox

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Nothing like renaging on a previous commitment! I wonder if there'll be partially completed passports for sale on ebay... I like the look of this TSV and if I'm tempted, it will be the first item I've purchased from them since May.
  6. Dame Fondacox

    Alison Young

    I thought the "private chauffeur company" was a highfalutin way of describing he does school runs, as initially reported. In other words, he's a private hire taxi driver in most people's language.
  7. Dame Fondacox

    Alison Young

    They made a big announcement when Ernie Borgnine died and Tova still brings references him in the demo for almost every jewellery item (and Handsome, not to mention some of her parfams) but then...that's business.
  8. Dame Fondacox

    Alison Young

    Yet they had an on air bridal shower and highlights from her wedding video, including her father walking her down the isle were broadcast on a continuous, 24 hour loop the year she got married. Is that not private?
  9. Dame Fondacox

    Ruth Langsford New Range

    Well now they've been let go from This Morning, Ruth will have more time to design her range and she can cut costs by getting Eamonn to run them up at home on a treadle. One can only imagine the delights we've got to look forward to.
  10. Dame Fondacox

    Alison Young

    I've just been reading the website of our resident beauty expert and, by all accounts, she's globally recognised as one of the most experienced, qualified professionals in the industry. Apparently she's also...Strongly against the need for surgery and injectables, unless advised by a doctor or...
  11. Dame Fondacox

    Alison Young

    I haven't seen her for ages and she does have a look of having just had novocaine but more importantly, she's no longer wearing her wedding ring. Has there been an on air annoucement?
  12. Dame Fondacox

    Perricone TSV 30/10/20

    Well that's my mind made up - she's hardly a good advert for the efficacy of the brand.
  13. Dame Fondacox

    Stopped in the street.............

    Having smelt her parfams, I'm surprised it's not a case of dogs mistaking her for a lampost and leaving their whiff on her leg!
  14. Dame Fondacox

    Cozee Home TSV 19/10/20

    For what? 🧐
  15. Dame Fondacox

    07/10/20 One Time Only Prices

    Last year's packaging.
  16. Dame Fondacox

    Kelly Hoppen Home Designs TSV 22/09/20

    The beige one looks like the innards of some neanderthal beast!
  17. Dame Fondacox

    20/09/20 One Time Only Prices

    Has it really got to the point where they're flogging the bags that usually come free with a beauty TSV?
  18. Dame Fondacox

    Estée Lauder 12 September 2020

    I remember that clip of her home and I expect a lot of products that Q doens't stock were put in the cupboards and drawers. I remember he plugging a Decleor eye cream once and she said she often gets up through the night to reapply products - so much for only needing a pea size for maximum...
  19. Dame Fondacox

    Estée Lauder 12 September 2020

    Oh I missed this. I'll have to watch recent items on air to see Aly's spiel. Quelle surprise she's been using the products for years. :rolleyes: I always wonder what she does about her "must have, desert island" products when the brand leaves QVC. There was a time when she couldn't live...
  20. Dame Fondacox

    Estée Lauder 12 September 2020

    AY and Dale are listed as the presenters for this. I would have thought "our resident beauty expert" could have carried the show on her own. Maybe she's providing her authoritative knowledge and expertise via Zoom. :unsure:

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