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  1. Tinyfeet

    The other 'arf...

    I think that she goes to the BodyHoliday in St Lucia every year as friends have mentioned that they met someone who works on shopping telly. Its a fabulous hotel by all accounts and has very high return rate
  2. Tinyfeet

    Bose TSV 25/10/20

    I notice that tomorrows TSV is a Bose system, can anyone advise me, is it worth the money, are there any alternatives out there that are just as good but better priced TIA
  3. Tinyfeet

    Harry Slatkin Home Fragrance TSV 25/09/20

    Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t order these now, I could kick myself. The containers looked so pretty and would have looked great lined up in my bedroom :cautious:
  4. Tinyfeet

    So Has Everyone Gone Home?

    She must be devastated, she was very close to her Mum
  5. Tinyfeet

    gabba gabba gabba

    I think that he died in 2017 and was married to someone else at the time of his death
  6. Tinyfeet

    Doll10 TSV 26/09/20

    I think that her lipsticks are the best, really creamy but good staying power with a great colour density 💄💋 and best of all they smell wonderful!
  7. Tinyfeet

    The new QVC app

    I have also had to submit claims for missing TCB purchases. Nothing has tracked since April so I don’t know what’s going on. Typical of Q, they probably hope that nobody notices!
  8. Tinyfeet

    Debbie Flint looking good

    The dress is currently reduced to clear at Johh Lewis for £69 If anyone is interested. Sizes 8 and 14 left in the floral
  9. Tinyfeet

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 20/06/20

    No you don’t have to be signed up, just go to the website, but if you do sign up they will send you £10 vouchers through on a regular basis, more so at the moment ( I’ve had at least 3 over the last 3 months) You can spend theses vouchers on clearance too which is a real bonus
  10. Tinyfeet

    Annoying New Presenter

    I really like BA that was on with eilidh today, she always looks lovely and she explains the products well without bellowing at the top of her voice or rabbiting on about her personal life. She makes a refreshing change and I wish she was on more
  11. Tinyfeet

    Micheal Perry's Garden TSV 10/04/20

    At last my order for the pinks has been dispatched, hopefully they will arrive tomorrow
  12. Tinyfeet

    Micheal Perry's Garden TSV 10/04/20

    Still not received my order, just rang CS only to be told they will send me a letter to claim my refund as I should have received them last week! Pathetic considering I ordered them on the 10th April
  13. Tinyfeet

    Micheal Perry's Garden TSV 10/04/20

    I’m still waiting for my pinks, I rang CS the other day and they said that they had been told by the supplier that they would be dispatched by the 15th May but mine still say “in process”. However I did receive my Lantana the other day and they still said “in process“ after I received them. CS...
  14. Tinyfeet

    frank usher

    Gets poor online reviews, especially for returns. This looks like one of those Chinese based websites that has a UK presence. The goods seem to be photographed very well but the quality of the goods received doesn’t match the photo
  15. Tinyfeet

    Moa In Pelle TSV 17/02/20

    Oh dear, I was really looking forward to this TSV as I like MIP but I won’t be buying these. Very clumpy by the looks and not very flattering. I’ve just bought boots, a hat and bag direct from them and I’m very pleased with both the quality and the price

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