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    QVC Germany

    I was just having another look at the Kipling bags on the German site and they have a lot of the older models at quite reasonable prices (well cheaper than Amazon because they are harder to get in the UK I presume). Anyway it got me thinking and I checked the delivery charges and info again...
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    Multiple Returns

    Hello Is it possible to send a few different items back in 1 box/bag? and if so how do I ensure that everything gets registered? Thanks for any advice
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    Tignanello arrivals

    i just noticed that there are a load of new tig bags on the site and a load of new bags at clearance prices. a total of 49 bags up at the moment
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    just when i thought that QVC fashion was getting better....

    i found these things^150914,navlist^150914*151731*153023*144592*,cm_scid^dtlr yes ladies and gentlemen, the...
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    Anyone missing a coconut mushroom?

    cos i have found it if you have. in the bottom of my new Tig bag lol i ordered a tig off the clearance and past experience has taught me to check them out very carefully. when it arrived i thought 'ooh! plastic still on the handle, i do believe we have a brand new one! score!' until i opened...
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    tarnished jewellery

    hello all i remember a few years ago there was a thread about how to get rid of tarnish from gold jewellery. i havent had a problem so far but there are quite a few bits of my mother's that have tarnished dreadfully. any help or advice would be most welcome
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    As is...

    i had noticed ''AS is" products on QVC US but never on our QVc until today and suddenly 2 As is nintendo sets. prolly means that there are more lurking there somewhere on the site. is this a new thing or has it been happening for a while?
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    returning 2 items

    This may sound like a daft question but i need to return 2 items to QVC, so can i send them both in the same packet (with the paperwork for both items) or do i need to send them sep.? i know it sounds like i am being tight but i always return stuff recorded delivery so its a min. of 7 quid each.
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    B. Makowsky TVS 13-12

    Jan told me the other day that there would be a B. Makowsky TVS in mid december. Yesterday i trawled over at QVC US and saw their makowsky tvs. i hope its the same one as it looks gorgeous!!!! and in so many colours .i doubt if we will get them all (it seems we never do) but i think thats a good...
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    Tocantin v. rhodolite

    Hiya, Looking for a little advice from the jewellery lovers. I have a number of rhodolite garnet pieces from Gems and ebay but i need a pendant to finish off the set. I have seen some nice tocantin items on QVC and i am wondering if it is the same/sim. colour. some of the larger stones seem to...
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    vintage glamour collection

    i just saw an email from gems hawking their 'proudly presented' vintage glamour collection. i eagerly clicked on the link hoping to see something new and different. i did. in fact i would go so far as to say 'i clicked, i saw, i gypped' Vintage glamour? more like old tat. faux pearls, gold...
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    My Gems option

    i have just noticed this new option of tracking items from the website for when they will appear on the TV. when did this start? i am not sure how it works... prolly an email but it will save missing out on a lot of things
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    just a few changes i see

    well that will teach me to go without a pc for a few weeks... i return to find that not only are the TV auctions timed but also that everything else seems to have doubled in price :eek:. i dont seem to be able to place a forward bid on anything anymore :mad: and the search doesnt throw up...
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    my stuff has arrived

    well after a long lapse i finally made an order which has been duly sent on by MIL (you have no idea about what i had to give up to actually get it sent on this year!!!! my stuff was being held to ransom!) anyway... at the mo it feels worth it lol no pics but i do have links these r all for...

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