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    Alternative to Dyson Hairdryer for £90
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    Green Season Meat withdrawn

    Seems to be kicking off on Facebook about the meat being withdrawn, cant seem to find any more info Anyone know anything more ?
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    The Handy Multitool on offer at Wickes

    Reduced to £49.99 in Wickes if anyone interested
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    Ideal World Breaking call charges regulations

    New regulations were brought in 2014 , if you need to contact somewhere after you bought an item for after sales it has to be a normal rate call Having looked at the "Contact Us" page at Ideal world seems they are breaking the law, all the things below are what you would do after ordering an...
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    Drill all drill bits, they dont snap apparently !

    Looks like it got away with it, no one will notice
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    Do we need ear defenders for the water fountain TSV ?

    Apparently the presenter lives under the flight path for Heathrow, and when she throws a BBQ she will put on the water feature and it drowns out the noise from the planes , has she actually thought about what she is saying ? :mysmilie_13::mysmilie_59::mysmilie_14:
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    Spray and leave

    Quite liked the look of this product, but not the price nearly £36 for 7.5 litres , anyway found some that looks like it does similar on Ebay and ordered some, will post the results if anyone intrested HTH £12.99 for 5 litres or £22.99 for 15 litres, the dosage is the same , pretty sure its the...
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    Hotel quality bed linen

    What exactly do they mean, it wasn't explained when i was watching briefly$s=hotel%20quality&gs=hotel%20quality Could it be from this hotel i wonder ?
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    EEPC radiators rip off

    £450 at ideal world with bogof, or £135 elsewhere,
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    I Pads beware !

    See they are flogging Ipad 2 refurbs for £256 with postage £199 on the Apple Store !
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    Ideal World, now breaking the law !, also DSR's are enhanched

    Thats right folks, its now illegal to charge premium rates for customer service calls, Ideal World are charging 10ppm , just checked Gems TV they are same, possibly others
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    Can you guess who this is ?

    If you haven seen my post in the other thread then you are in for a treat, but who is it ??
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    "Bids Normal Price" new dodgy sales tactic ?

    Oh hello, seems like we have a new sales trick, "Shop at Bids normal price" appears above the price now, they seem made up to me, where do they get these normal prices from ? and when were they sold at normal price ? Looks like they have made prices up
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    Price drop now gone , now "Best of Bid"

    Oh dear , no excitement any more, boring !
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    I Pads

    gosh there tune soon changes now they are flogging ipads :mysmilie_51:
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    JPD smellies from 3.99

    free postage if you spend £5, maybe someone likes it !
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    water beads

    quite liked the water beads on deal of the day, 10 packs for £7.99 + £7.99 + £1.53 phone call = £17.51 Then i looked on ebay 99p for 2 packs delivered or 10 packs for £4.95 ...
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    £71 for a hosepipe

    How expensive !
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    Clickfree on offer

    500gb £34.99 1tb £52.99 seems a bargain, hope that helps
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    Paul Becque has left the building

    After seven years, Paul Becque is no longer on our bid shopping screens. We’re sad he’s gone & wish him all the best in his next endeavours!

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