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    Leonie on Hochanda

    Saw Leonie in her first presenting stint on Honchanda today - another defector from Create & Craft. It's only a matter of time before La Bbibby turns up, surely - or have I missed something? Thought Leonie seemed a bit more professional than she did on C&C; she wasn't continually giggling, using...
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    Hochanda philosophy & Barbara Gray

    Interesting listening to Barbara Gray on the channel today. It's a real coup that they've taken her from Create & Craft. She said she came on board because of the emphasis on education & that Hochanda agree with her belief that if you show people how to use the products & get them enthused, they...
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    Taya Hair woman has lost it.....

    On the lunchtime show the Taya hair woman said that her products are all from Mother Nature before saying, 'And what does Mother Nature want for her children? She wants to give you confidence & beautiful hair.' The other guests looked a bit nervous at this point. Like me, they suspected Taya...
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    Morning Lack of Style

    My God - they've reached a new low at QVC 'fashion' today. Kathy looks like a sack of potatoes in that skirt & as for the 'stylist', she looks like some relic of an extra from a 1980s Wham video. It's like the Emperor's new clothes - no one dares to say 'Hang on a minute - that looks totally...
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    Howard described this today as being like 'a bra for the eyes'. What an odd image. I think most of the people they put it on look much nicer natural. It's obviously very effective but what's the point of having young bits when the rest of you looks your age? To me it just highlights how...
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    The Emperor's New Clothes

    I keep being reminded of the story of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' when I am watching QVC. Was half watching a beauty show today where some woman & Anne Dawson were trying to flog a cream for £75. "Look at the elasticity, the texture, the sheen," they chirped. "It contains platinum!" cooed the...
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    turned off by martin

    I was delighted to see that Barbara Gray & her Clarity stamps were on this morning as I love her & find her very inspiring. I had to turn off after 10 mins as Martin Parker was getting on my nerves SO Much. I've got nothing against Martin & usually find him OK but I just wish he would cut the...
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    Well done Stephanie

    I tuned in to watch the fabulous Barbara Gray & Clarity Stamps this morning - had it on my calendar for ages. To her credit Stephanie was much calmer than her usual excitable self - she said that she would do very few stock updates & read no e mails as she wanted us to have every minute of the...

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