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  1. claudiasmum

    New look?

    Not seen Chuntley on air for a while but not sure I like the new hairdo?........ Both the colour and the style are rather severe
  2. claudiasmum

    Annalee and Hope

    Where is the lady who usually presents this range? ( can't remember her name) is she not coming over any more or is Kerry ( who used to be in Hollyoaks years ago) the new presenter?
  3. claudiasmum

    Paul Lavers

    There was I getting my daily fix of Doctors when who should Appear on the screen but Paul Lavers as an exam invigilator!!! He was good but could only think of him larking about on QVC
  4. claudiasmum

    Butler and Wilson tsv

    Hi all Have searched around but cant find it discussed. Do any of you have any ideas about the up-coming Butler and Wilson tsv? I have seen several presenters wearing a sizeable crystal floral necklace in lilac, black and a sort of peachy colour and also spotted Debbie Flint wearing a matching...
  5. claudiasmum

    Whats this about no more Beth Terrell?

    Julai has just said that she (Beth) is not coming to QVC UK any more, does she just mean Beth or the whole range? Seems such a shame:sad:
  6. claudiasmum

    Black Hills Gold, but not Jim!

    When the camera panned in, for a moment I really thoght it was Jim from the old days of BHG, but alas it was not The new guy David seems very nice but I used to enjoy the BHG and silver shows presented by Jim and usually Julia, they used to have fun Anyone else remember this?

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