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  1. catzrcool

    Laughable Really, But I Knew This Would Happen!

    Last night I did 2 reviews on QVC, something I hardly ever do. One for some fab solar lights I bought last week and another on 2 owls solar lights I bought last year. The 2 new solar lights I said were great, solid made of glass and threw a lovely light across the garden. The owls, well I...
  2. catzrcool

    NV Perricone

    Well, I am one of those people who are silly enough to believe the hype on products. I know Perricone is a "high End" skincare range, but always thought it far too expensive. Anyway, obviously the Try Me kit was just too tempting to handle, so I got one. As Alison said "Packed full of the...
  3. catzrcool

    Couldn't Cancel My Order.....

    On Tuesday, I had a quick shufties at the Prai OTO on the web, and ordered it. Then I went back to read what I had ordered. Silly I know, but I thought the OTO would sell out quickly. When I realised the tiny sample sizes in the kit, I decided paying £41 odd was far too much. I went...
  4. catzrcool

    Are These Really free?

    Got an email from IW and these are advertised as a special? Have added them to my basket and the price still comes up as nothing. Will they honour this do you think?
  5. catzrcool

    40 Piece Non Slip Hanger Set - TSV

    Has anyone had a look at these? It is a 40 peice set at £30 + £6.45 p&p, TSV price. Ideal World has the same things, but... 56 Piece set £16.99 + £3.95 p&p. Guess if I wanted any, I would have to go to Ideal world. Big price difference.

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