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  1. miss molly

    Black Friday, what are you wanting to buy?

    Hi being nosy but what bargains are you after/going to get? I am tempted by the Nars Orgasm x cheek palette its £28.50 on Feelunique but I really do not need it and got Amazon Fire 10 the other day.
  2. miss molly

    IT Cosmetics look Book & 25% offer

    Hi I can't remember who was after the look book but IT Cosmetics website has 25% off at the moment and 30% off orders over £60. A good discount and you get freebies with your orders.
  3. miss molly

    Refunding outbound P&P

    I have returned one faulty item and cancelled another order recently within 14 days and contacted Q on both occasions. Just checking my refunds and surprise surprise they have not refunded the outbound p&p . I am sick of having to chase refunds that they don't process properly, imagine the...
  4. miss molly

    5 EZ Pay

    See they have an Elemis kit in 5 ez pay 240239. I though UK could not do 5?
  5. miss molly

    Black Friday - what bargains are you after?

    I got a few goodies yesterday from Lookfantastic they had 25% off gift sets. Got a few 3 piece full size bottles Molton Brown gift sets for £41 each.
  6. miss molly

    Boots -20% off Liz Earle - ends tomorrow

    Boots have got 20% off 20 brands including Liz Earle this weekend.
  7. miss molly

    SJ Bareminerals

    Wow she is on a the moment looking so slim after her gastric band. She looks fab she has lost loads of weight:mysmilie_12:
  8. miss molly

    Beauty Day, Have you bought anything?

    I have just got back from New York and it did seem expensive. Looking around Ulta and Sephora I thought the Qvc prices seemed better on kits for brands like Tarte, IT Cosmetics ect. Being nosy have you bought anything today? I am sitting on my hands.
  9. miss molly

    Dyson Reps Makeup

    WTF Blue eyeshadow, and purple lips. Blue sequin top and poor Jilly keeping a straight face.:mysmilie_12:
  10. miss molly

    Black Friday Buys What did you get?

    Being nosey but I love to know what other people have bought. I got Amazon fire 10 £99 Panda memory foam matrass reviews very good on Amazon but got mine direct from retailer with 20% off and free next day delivery. A few items from Mint Velvet with 20% off.
  11. miss molly

    Lookfantastic- Molton Brown Beauty Box

    A fab value limited Edition Beauty Box - 10 x £100 ml bottles £35 or £30 if you are a beauty box subscriber.
  12. miss molly

    Smashbox Star Gift - Boots £30

    Nice kit on star gifts , I am sitting on my hands as don't need it but I want it :mysmilie_50 The link won't work sorry but fab set.
  13. miss molly

    Perricone - shelf life

    I bought the Perricone tinted face cream duo on beauty day. It arrived and the box said exp 5/19 which gives it a year. Does this seem right? I emailed Perricone and they said it was ok, but the reply was in poor English. You get two 50ml jars so this does not seem long to me and it is not cheap.
  14. miss molly

    Liz earle surprise sale 15% off full sizes

    On website at the moment 15% off full sizes.
  15. miss molly

    Beauty Day 4 EZ Pay

    Has anyone ordered anything? I have ordered Benefit Brow duo and Perricone tinted face cream due but both on waitlist. Will have to see if I get them.
  16. miss molly

    Christmas Returns

    Was the last date for Christmas returns 25/1?
  17. miss molly

    Liz Earle Sale- perfume £32.40

    Online sale some good prices - perfume £32.40 yay got my 100.
  18. miss molly

    Black Friday Deals

    They seem to be starting early this year Post here if you see any great offers:mysmilie_14::mysmilie_13:
  19. miss molly

    M&S Christmas Advent Calender

    Lots of videos of content on Youtube - £35 with £35 spend this year looks very pretty - out 9th November. Box is very pretty contents similar to last year.
  20. miss molly

    Chloe Everton - Instyler Tulip

    She is flogging this to death, lowest price ever, rang all her friends to get one. Everyone in building buying it for £22. Hundreds on phone, better than TSV. Well Chloe I was in Birchwood outlet a few weeks ago and they had hundreds of them for £7 so it is obvious Q is trying to get rid of...

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