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  1. miss molly

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Yeah and a tiny card at that, could easily be missed in box.
  2. miss molly

    QVC Model Sharon Fifer

    So reading Sharon's reply to a comment 'the person in question used to lived with a friend of mine. Let's just say there are issues'. Also she appealed and it was denied and she is very upset.
  3. miss molly

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    The passport scheme ends 31/12 just checked their website. Completed passports with 12 tokens are only accepted.
  4. miss molly

    Black Friday, what are you wanting to buy?

    Hi being nosy but what bargains are you after/going to get? I am tempted by the Nars Orgasm x cheek palette its £28.50 on Feelunique but I really do not need it and got Amazon Fire 10 the other day.
  5. miss molly

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Thanks love Gatineau eye creams. I have not used one for 8 months and can tell.
  6. miss molly

    Philosophy Christmas TSV?

    There is the purity ltd edition 946ml duo offer 242180 £48.96 and £3.95 for Black Friday.
  7. miss molly

    Molton Brown Black Friday Deal 25% off

    I get email and ordered two men's giftsets. Did it let you add samples Boffy I got a message no samples due to busy period?
  8. miss molly

    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    I must be in the minority I can't get on with Shay and Blue they give me a headache especially Black Tulip.
  9. miss molly

    IT Cosmetics look Book & 25% offer

    Hi I can't remember who was after the look book but IT Cosmetics website has 25% off at the moment and 30% off orders over £60. A good discount and you get freebies with your orders.
  10. miss molly

    Molton Brown TSV 11/12/20

    I got the four piece woody and citrus set £43.98 plus £3.35 p&p. Ordered yesterday and delivered today. It comes in a nice sealed gift box with pictures of the bottles on the front. Had kits before and the bottles were just chucked in a brown box.
  11. miss molly

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Time to stock up on points before they end the loyalty scheme.
  12. miss molly

    Harry Slatkin TSV 7/12/20

    I had a Byredo handcream once and it smelled divine.
  13. miss molly

    Alison Young

    AY always used to brag about her younger,blonde footballer and put her wedding pictures online. She would often talk about Simon but that seems too have stopped.
  14. miss molly

    Harry Slatkin TSV 7/12/20

    The Ali dupe Jo Malone are nice for a few quid.
  15. miss molly

    Harry Slatkin TSV 7/12/20

    TK Max is great for unusual candles at great prices especially if reduced with a red sticker.
  16. miss molly

    Harry Slatkin TSV 7/12/20

    I have just treated myself to a Fornasetti Candle from Liberty with some birthday money. Very expensive but the jars are very beautiful plus they had 20% off.
  17. miss molly

    Harry Slatkin TSV 7/12/20

    Had to google who he is, are they any good?
  18. miss molly

    Cozee Home TSV 09/11/20

    £90 PLUS P&P for the king seems expensive for a TSV.
  19. miss molly

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Daughter received a 15% code today, me f$%K all after years of spending, cheers Q.

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