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    Elemis TSV 20/12/20

    Keeley said on her Instagram video yesterday that Elemis have managed to secure another tsv in December, and that it will be three skincare items, i wonder if this will be what is scheduled to be in the February one, as that is also three items of skincare only, who knows! But they are coming...
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    Liz Earle TSV 13/12/20

    Not sure if this has already been posted but Caroline Archer has said they will have an "extra Christmas gift tsv, and live shows will be 9pm on the Saturday evening, no hints at what it consists of, sadly
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    Liz Earle 20% off

    had email from Liz Earle this morning , offering 20% off and free delivery
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    Liz Earle summer sale

    not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but Liz Earle direct has some good offers today, in their summer sale, 20% off skin and body care items and 25% off perfume I believe
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    Liz Earle 25% off for two days

    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but Liz Earle have 25% a lot of products for two days now to celebrate their 25 year anniversary
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    New convert to IW

    I have never been a big fan of IW, thought they were a bit of a poor second to Q (sorry!) Have only had a couple of things from them in the past and the first order I had to wait ages for it to arrive. For some reason I had a nose on their website Sunday night and saw some jackets reduced. One...
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    QVC Christmas channel

    Did I hear right that Debbie F just said at the end of tonight's Diamonique show that she was going to start filming soon for the new QVC Christmas channel that is starting in October! Imagine that a whole channel devoted to Xmas tat and nauseating adverts, but then if we get less of it on the...
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    Liz Earle sale 1/8

    Had an email from Liz Earle advising their sale starts tomorrow, might be worth a look for anyone who resisted the Tsv and fancies something, at least they do seem to have some good reductions unlike Q!
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    Aldi Abbott and Broome sets 69p!

    If anyone on here enjoyed using the Abbott & Broome set that had a bodywash and body lotion (the molton brown lookey likey) it is down to 69p in Aldi today, such a bargain,I had to get a couple more although I already have two spare in a cupboard. I had to ask an assistant to check the price for...
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    Kipling, vente privee

    In case anyone is interested, Vente Privee have a Kipling sale tomorrow, think it starts at 6 am, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere
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    Cyber Monday, Liz Earle

    I noticed there are some bargains to be had today, managed to get one of the perfumes with free eyebright and delivery for £30. Very happy,can't see the tsv beating that for value,
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    Alison gets award

    I see from Keeley Aydin's Facebook page that Alison has been given a Cew award for an outstanding contribution to the Beauty industry , mmm, she did seem quite choked up on the video link, bless her, but I am not sure exactly what she has done for the industry !
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    Charlie's eating comments

    Did anyone here see Charlie on the cooks essentials show this evening 8-9 pm, when he commented to Simon that there is a website that has criticised him for the amount of food he eats on air, but he didn't care. Did he mean us!?
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    Claire Sutton's Nail laquer on 2 pm show

    How does anything he recognise the nail colour Claire is wearing today?Customer Services can only tell me it is Leighton Denny one, I really like the shade and wonder what it is, thanks
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    Laura Geller tsv 16/01/16

    I see there is another LG tsv coming up Saturday 16th January , they seem to be coming round quickly!
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    Incorrect items links

    Is it just me or others on here clicking on links on here to items on Q and then get taken to a page with a completely different item on, I know someone on here had the same thing happen on one product but i seem to get it on most items, for example Marina posted the correct item number for an...
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    Bank holiday monday/super Monday? 25th May

    Has anyone heard or seen what Q may try and tempt us with next Monday, being as it seems to be one of their days where they have lots of tsvs throughout the day that they have previously done in July, just wondered if anything good it in store as I note that they have Kipling and Yankee, and of...
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    Tignanello tsv 11/4/15

    Nice to see we have a Tig tsv coming up soon, I can't recall the last time they had one,anyone got any ideas about what it may be? Don't make me laugh and say a handbag! Thanks
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    Yellow handbag on Renee show

    Did anyone on here notice the bag Cordelia was waving around earlier in the show tonight,I really like the yellow colour and am sure the other model had it in red, I rang customer services to see what brand it was and whilst they were very helpful i was advised it was just a wardrobe item, how...
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    Centigrade tsv 12/2/15

    Have I missed a thread on the next Centigrade tsv coming up this week, or is it that bad no-one wants to mention it? Just saw it on the TV schedule and wondered what it was, not that I need a new jacket or coat. Thanks for any info x

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