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    Diet Chef users.

    Hey there, Just been browsing Tesco online for some food shopping ideas and came across Diet Chef meal pouches at half price, 59p a meal I think they were. Thought some of you may be interested in giving them a try and a nice cheapy price and not in a hooog box full to see if you like them etc...
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    No No, yes, or No? :) Hair removal help needed.

    hey there lovely people :) Really quite stuck atm and thought I would ask you kindly for your advice, thoughts, experiences. I'm thinking of getting either a No No, a Pearl Hair Remover or a Rio Laser, the No No would be the pink 8800 is it, or the Pro 5. The trouble is, I'm reading a dozen...
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    See! This, THIS is why I hate them ALL at IW :(

    Dennice just opened the new bella bodies shapewear show with this: "Ideal World has been lacking, lacking good shapewear.." Eeer, hang on one second Den, when you were flogging us La Dea stuff which was quite expensive, it was THE best stuff on the planet, let alone in the shapewear market...
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    Weight to ta.

    Gosh, I am not enjoying this POTD. I can't even watch it presented now, thanks to the sheer unbelievable-ness of it all. I could probably go on all day about how utterly pointless this system is, I'll try not to :P For a start off, the before and after pictures they are showing us, anyone else...
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    Here's a nice one, they DO have to pay the postage if you return.....

    I was just being pedantic and finding out how much it would cost if you returned the ladder set which is on the 10am hour, obviously I get infuriated with the "you've got nothing to lose so try it" being banged out every 5 minutes so I thought I'd have a mooch and see the cheapest price I could...
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    Vacuum cleaners - concealing information? Would they!!!!

    Found out the other day that all vacuum cleaners now have to, by law, display their performance in an actual graded chart, you know like freezers etc do. This was very interesting as I am currently really on the verge of buying a new vacuum! A quick scoot through the old argoose catalogue gives...
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    How about a bit of respect IW?

    You know what Ideal World, could we, as long time viewers have a bit of respect? Case in point which brought me to this today is the memory foam with that Suzy woman who shouldn't be allowed on tv. She comes on here saying "4cm memory foam is all you need", which then incrementally goes up or...
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    £170 for an 8 year old Laptop?

    Just watching the early repeat of the POTD, seemed ok, bit naff with 80GB Hard driver, but when I researched it I was quite shocked to find it's 8 years old!! Not even got MS Office included!! Just the poxy 30 day trial. Very dissapointing, but there, did I REALLY expect a REAL bargain? :P
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    Very interested to see the launch of the Karcher Silent. So massively quiet apparently, almost silent. Then Derek does a demo, showing the old Mk 2 Karcher pushing out 103 db, and the astonishing........ 82 db. Hang on?!?! Bit of research........ "No more than 15 minutes...
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    Oh dear and LOL at the same time :)

    Watching some of the fashion yesterday, when Loen brought attention to the 'runway' and how filthy it was. She was quite correct too, despite the 14 Bissell POTD's a month, their 'runway' carpet is minging. Loen refered to a one-size top, asking Lynn what size she thought it would go up to...
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    Now hang on!!!!!

    A few weeks back, Ideal had the "last stock ever" of the 2nd generation x-hose, all day every presenter made it very very clear that under NO circumstances would this EVER be back on Ideal world. Not their usual schpeel, but categorically, 100% said there was no more in the world they could get...
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    Tefal Optigrill - 7am Monday - price comparison LOL

    Just watching the 7am Tefal Optigrill show, and already we have been shown the price comparison of 3 companies at £149 and over, IW today are selling at £99.99. 2 second google......... Currys - £94.99 Argos - £99.99 Lakeland - £99.99 John Lewis - £94.99 Crikey, they REALLY did just pick 3...
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    This is wrong, on serious and worrying level :(

    Watched the 'Weight to Go' hour last night and was really worried, will be making an ASA complaint today. Not once, did Dennice or the guest advise to check with your GP if this plan was suitable for you, not once did they offer situations where one shouldn't use this, in fact they often said...
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    Possibly the most ludicrous claim yet???

    Rachel Pierman today talking about the mini multi-gym pick of the day, and I do quote: "you can do 50 to 60 different exercises on this". Hmmmm, anyone else like to actually see her do the 50 - 60? I think there would be a struggle to get into double figures :P
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    Linda Lusardi - still no mention of your ultratherapy? Had to quite literally walk away from the tv this afternoon, as Linda Lusardi actually pointed out how wonderful her neck looked after using her cream for neck and decollete...... STILL no mention of the...
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    Hayley Green, [email protected] of the year? Most out of place sales angle?

    Could genuniely not believe Hayley Green last night whilst listening to the EEPC heaters show. She was using..... wait for this...... the issue of people not being able to heat AND eat, to sell these radiators!!!!! Yes, she was clearly saying how some people have to choose to either heat or...
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    Finally had enough!!

    I've just submitted a complaint to the ASA about the Ipad hour now on (5pm). I have finally had enough of Ideal with their obfuscation and half finished inferences. Dennice, a couple of minutes past the hour, clearly stated about the 16GB version that you could "store loads of films and all...
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    Linda Lusardi - Ultratherapy?!?

    “I haven’t had anything done to my face but I just tried the new Ultherapy on my neck by Dr Karidis. It takes three months to show so I’ll let you know if makes any difference.” This was May 2014. Ultherapy is a non surgical treatment that uses ultrasound technology to help lift and tighten...
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    Alison Young - Is she ill?

    I used to watch QVC all the time about 10 years ago, but rarely dip in now. The other day I caught the supersize beauty show with Alison Young. First off, her "for you" were so funny and totally out of place I was genuinely laughing out loud :) But the main thing, oh my goodness, she looks...
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    Oh dear god Janice!!!!!

    Please, please, please, please, please, please stop selling EVERY bleeping device on the SAME bleeping merits, ie, you can go on the internet. Ok Google, Skype, saving money on compare sites, music, apps, searching. THAT's THE INTERNET, not the device. For christs sake she even asks 'Ok...

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