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  1. rosielinks

    Tova and 'literally'

    Have been watching Tova today and yesterday and find her graceful and ladylike, however I do wish she would stop saying 'literally' every other sentence. It is ridiculous. It makes her sound a bit stupid. Can't she think of any other word? Also getting irritated with Debbie the model chipping...
  2. rosielinks

    Is Catherine telling porky pies?

    About 15 mins ago Catherine was presenting a pearl and diamonique pendant and chain. It was very simple and pretty and only about £20. The details said the pearl was simulated, as does the blurb on the website, but Catherine insisted it was a real pearl. She mentioned that she had been talking...
  3. rosielinks

    Finally had it with QVC polyester fashion

    OK I admit it. I do own some Kim & Co. On the whole I find it way too expensive for what it is but I have two skirts which I found very handy for this time of year. Easy to wear - no buttons or tight waistbands - and very convenient to pack and wash with no ironing. So I decided to take a foray...
  4. rosielinks

    Anyone buy the G-Tech sweeper TSV?

    Ok. I admit it - I fell for the hype and decided that another small hoover-type thing would be just the thing to help with the domestic load. I was taken in because it was lightweight and didn't need a bag. When it arrived I showed it to my cleaner, who just said "That's for you. I like power"...
  5. rosielinks

    Claire on saving watch batteries

    I don't know if anyone saw this show - I think it may have been Skagen but Clare mentioned a couple of times that if you pull out the winder on your watch it stops the battery and so doesn't run down when you aren't wearing it. If you have lots of different watches it does make sense to preserve...
  6. rosielinks

    La Roberts strips Sharon of her XS

    Couldn't believe the spite of the woman. She actually ordered Sharon to remove her XS Centigrade coat to put on a S 'so much better'. What a complete cow. Wish someone would do the same to her. Starting to loathe this vain, self-loving woman. She only feels good if she can put someone else down.
  7. rosielinks

    Forbidden City - prices?

    Just watching the Forbidden City show with Pippa. I think the prices are pretty steep. There was a cord necklace with a nugget of silver which was priced at £99, I was waiting for another pendant or something which would justify the price. Pippa is doing her best, but I can't believe that there...
  8. rosielinks

    Anyone going to buy?

    What about these Tahitian pearls? Anyone lucky enough to buy these babies? I think they are utterly beautiful but there's no way I could swing it financially. How about ten easy pays?
  9. rosielinks

    How daft can Jill Franks get?

    I find Jill Franks irritating at the best of times, but have never felt minded to start a post to bitch about her. Today, however, she plunged to new depths of stupidity. Just how vapid can that woman be! On the Honora show with Ralph, she was constantly referring to one of Ralph's designers...

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