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  1. Judith

    M&S beauty box

    I have just had an e-mail from M&S to say Sparks card holders can have a free beauty box with a £30 spend on beauty. I have ordered one as it has Gatineau lip lift in it. I bought the Korres oil that QVC are selling as I fancy trying it.
  2. Judith

    QVC model Tiffany

    Does anyone read the Sunday Express? There is a full page advert on page 30 for help for people with macular degeneration and it features 64 year old, former civil servant Stella Francis. I'm almost certain it is Tiffany.
  3. Judith

    Alpha H vitamin C serum

    Alpha H vitamin C serum duo is back in stock if anyone wants to order it. Item no 216372
  4. Judith

    Peony flowers

    Please does anyone know which delivery company Peony uses as Q can't give any tracking info. Thanks.
  5. Judith

    DX delivery

    An item I ordered from Q is coming with DX. You can only track delivery if you have a tracking number which I haven't been given. Has anyone had deliveries from DX before and have you been able to track them?
  6. Judith

    Hermes tracking

    I have two parcels on order from Q. Today the tracking says "manifested to courier". Can anyone enlighten me to what this means,please?
  7. Judith

    Catherine Huntley in today's Daily Mirror

    Claire Sutton mentioned this morning that the diet Catherine is following is featured in today's paper. You can read it online if anyone is interested.
  8. Judith

    New QVC presenter

    I see someone called Chloe Everton is down to present later in the month. I think she was/is a presenter on Sky sports channel.
  9. Judith

    Automated phone calls

    How long have QVC been making automated calls about orders? I have had two in last two days--one telling me the Lola Rose TSV was missing a pouch and it would be sent in next few days and one telling me that a replacement for my LG TSV had been shipped and should arrive in 3 to 5 days.(It did...
  10. Judith

    Decleor alguaromes

    I bought item 228172 from QVC website last week. It was supposed to contain Systeme corps and a bottle of Alguaromes.On using the shower gel today I found it was called Aroma cleanse and the liquid was clear instead of usual blue.(I actually preferred it) Does anyone know if this is a...
  11. Judith

    QVC returns

    Why does it take so long for QVC to process returns? I rarely return anything but decided to return a Centigrade coat as it was at least two sizes too small.(I already own 3 Centigrade coats and they are all fine). Anyway, I posted my coat back on 21st November and when I rang CS today to see...

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