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  1. rosielinks

    New Selling Technique

    Yes I really like Anna. She gets along with every presenter and she really knows her stuff.
  2. rosielinks

    New Selling Technique

    I thought I was the only one who had noticed this. I am mesmerised by her forehead. It just does not move at all and it is so shiny. How can she possibly think it looks OK? She is supposed to be a creative, artistic person with aesthetic sensibilities. I think it unnerves me because she...
  3. rosielinks

    L(a)B not with QVC anymore ???

    It is reassuring to hear that some of these expensive products do what they say.
  4. rosielinks

    Dyson —— Not again

    L'Oreal is providing competition now with its latest steampod. Its straighteners use steam which is far kinder on the hair. A lot of influencers are now raving about this product rather than Dyson and GHD.
  5. rosielinks

    Can Alison Keenan not keep quiet for a minute?

    Yes I really like Alison. I think she's genuine and articulate. CE is a bit brash for my taste - what happened in the Elemis show?
  6. rosielinks

    I’m Renting Out.......

    This is so true and very sad for the country. I have acquaintances who've inherited money from their parents who purchase beautiful cottages in scenic areas such as the Cotswolds and Suffolk. They rent them out most of the year and spend the summers and the odd Easter week in them. If I was a...
  7. rosielinks

    Today I bought....

    Yes my friend told me about this programme. She has really enjoyed watching. There was a five year old girl shepherding sheep about - very confident and sounding and looking just like her mum. A very different upbringing.
  8. rosielinks

    Charlie’s giggling fit

    The presenters, along with the QVC directors and producers, have probably been employed there for so long seeing the same items being sold endlessly that they are all bored stiff. They must be able to quote the brand spiel in their sleep. This is the likely reason for all the silliness.
  9. rosielinks

    Jenny Blackwell

    She was on today with Chloe. They kept going off at tangents with Jenny talking at length about her children and when they woke up in the morning and her efforts to get them to wake later. It was quite strange. It was almost as if they were two friends just chatting and every now and then coming...
  10. rosielinks

    What the heck...?!?

    I think looking young is all in the genes. Creams and peels and injections can help but it's your basic face shape and skin health from your genetic background which runs the show.
  11. rosielinks

    Today I bought....

    I've ordered a couple of Isaac Mizrahi items before Christmas , cheap as chips in the sale, and they have still not arrived. I ordered (or won as Ebay like to put it) a few items before Christmas and one has still not arrived. This has put me off buying online for the present.
  12. rosielinks

    Most liked and disliked presenters on QVC?

    QVC needs to sort out the returns and postage issue. To have to pay three lots of expensive postage on three items is exorbitant. I don't see why you can't have one order with three items in and one P&P cost.
  13. rosielinks

    Royal Mail and other carriers

    I've just received a huge pile of Christmas cards and some final parcels. I think they have made a huge effort. Only one eBay parcel unaccounted for.
  14. rosielinks


    I guess he wasn't the man for her. She looks good with the long hair.
  15. rosielinks

    New Beauty Items

    I have very curly brown hair, which goes completely crazy in humid weather and the rain, and my hairdresser uses Olaplex when I have it tinted. She has suggested that I buy the No 3 for use at home. Apparently you put it on washed and towelled dry hair and leave it on for as long as you can...
  16. rosielinks

    Things ain't looking good......

    I love Aldi too. It's a bit of a drive for me but easy to park. I buy their large packets of midget gems for 27p. Delicious and beats anywhere else for price. I've bought a mini chopper to cut onions, which is a job I loathe as my eyes are sore for ages after. It was about £10 and is still going...
  17. rosielinks

    Lola Rose TSV 15/12/20

    I don't like the new neon colours or the transparent rock crystal with the multi-coloured neon thread going through. There was one of these bracelets in the TSV in the pink tourmaline option, which I thought looked like something a child would wear. I was glad the favourite option was the...
  18. rosielinks

    Lola Rose TSV 15/12/20

    Thanks Vienna for the information. I always found Buckley jewellery to be well made. Those fiver prices are very good. Nikki must be earning a fortune with her jewellery.
  19. rosielinks

    Hermes revelations

    Thank you for this insight. It must be very difficult. What a shame for all those Christmas cards to be rejected. Perhaps, this year, it might have been more thoughtful to send email greetings instead.
  20. rosielinks

    Jewellery “Experts”

    I think you've answered your own question there. It's because the presenters have to build up the desire for diamonique. They need to explain that it's copied from the finest diamonds, looks like the real thing to professional jewellers the world over, that it has the bright white D colour of...

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