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  1. OokeyKat

    Liz Earle TSV 13/12/20

    Hmm I’m very tempted. I’ve had 2 fragrance TSV s in the past and have liked the 2 perfumes ive tried so far so might try another!
  2. OokeyKat

    Aldi Christmas Food Storage Boxes

    I got these today! boxes are very sturdy! The largest box is 7” ... I was hoping for 8 but hey it will do !
  3. OokeyKat

    L'Occitane TSV 14/11/20

    Initially was excited about this but the value does not seem that impressive. The soap, mini shower gel and 20ml cream are fillers and more like a sample selection. There is 20% off L'Occitane website Black Friday but I’m just not ‘feeling it’ this year , Christmas tsvs seem lacklustre and I...
  4. OokeyKat

    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    For a ”luxury spa range” the packaging looks so cheap! Not impressed with many of these Christmas beauty TSVs so far
  5. OokeyKat

    Perricone TSV 30/10/20

  6. OokeyKat

    Tarte TSV 1/11/20

    I saw a Insta post on the foundation by one of those women on qvc PR list. It covered her dark skin around her eyes and cold sore really well but looks quite ‘cakey’ I don’t like thick foundation on aging skin, it seems to make it worse it’s so it’s a no from me!
  7. OokeyKat

    Full of drama and wind!

    Full of drama and wind!
  8. OokeyKat

    Prai TSV 26/10/20

    Them bottle look like something I’d find in poundland.... scent of a woman...hmmm, today I smell of bleach, floor cleaner with a hint of dettol... wonder if it’s close to that?
  9. OokeyKat

    Hotel Chocolat TSV 17/10/20

    £20 off . If subscribed to hotel chocolat newsletter you got an email containing a code which gives you up to £20 off an order online or in store
  10. OokeyKat

    Hotel Chocolat TSV 17/10/20

    I’m tempted to buy it but trying to justify paying 90 quid for a fancy milk pan!
  11. OokeyKat

    L'occitane TSV 18/08/20

    This TSV is duller than my love life lol:oops:😭
  12. OokeyKat

    Alpha H and Perricone @ TK Maxx

    Today saw loads of bottle of perricone nutritive cleanser in TK Maxx and also Alpha H liquid gold moisturiser and other Alpha H goodies!
  13. OokeyKat

    Gatineau TSV 08/08/20

    I’ve never seen a good review of this brand online! Nothing on youtoob or beauty bloggers (other than the ones who get free stuff from qvc and say it’s the best ever), I’ve tried it, tried different new formulas using high tech ingredients and well it’s still very....meh!
  14. OokeyKat

    Alpha H founder Michelle passes away

    I’m so sad to read this, she was still so young... :(
  15. OokeyKat

    Doll10 TSV 14/7/20

    Would try a doll 10 eye palette if part of a TSV but I don’t like heavy foundations and blushers..... I did that in the 80s!
  16. OokeyKat

    L'Occitane TSV 11/07/20

    Tempted but I really need to save money right now 😞 I’m not allowing myself chocolate either.... this could end badly o_O
  17. OokeyKat

    Perricone TSV 5/7/20

    I’ve enough face creams to last the rest of the year now, there will need to be an amazing TSV for me to splurge again! i tried the last Perricone TSV and although it’s lasted ages and I still have loads left, I’m not really seeing anything exceptionally different regarding my skin so not sure...
  18. OokeyKat

    Australian Bodycare TSV 28/06/20

    Seems expensive for a TSV.... the wipes are useless. I really liked the skin wash but for this price I will have to pass. There are better Australian tea tree products out there, especially for this price!
  19. OokeyKat

    Decleor TSV 24/06/20

    I used to get excited by a decleor TSV but those days have gone... formula and pack is so different and feels cheap... rip decleor you served me well !

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