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  1. mags3224


    Hi forum ppl. Need some help am contemplating trying out the ojon products. I have very dry thick hair and looks lkike a birds nest on top of my head at times . After watching last week i was tempted i have read through the reviews and on thewhole seem possitive just wondered if anyone...
  2. mags3224

    New Sapphire ring

    Hello shopping forum fans, just an update i wrote away back in March regarding a ceylon sapphire ring which i eventually sent back. I had previously purchased a loose stone pictured here. I decided to have a ring made and it has taken a very long time to decide but after...
  3. mags3224

    Ceylon Sapphire

    Hi All pp thx for the advice earlier. would love some advice on this please Ceylon Sapphire Rhapsody ring from tjc item 616737. 1.90ct and 2 0.16 diamonds. i have heard them say often that things would be AAA or AAAA does this apply to sapphires too, hope pics clear enough. Mags
  4. mags3224


    Hi all can anyone tell me how long tjc are taking to delivery these days been a while since i purchased i knew its the holidays however i ordered something boxing day and its still showing invoiced. wishind all a Happy New Year too.
  5. mags3224

    kunzite loose stone

    Hi ev1 i thought i would like to share this with you i am over the moon with this new kunzite stone but have to say my pics dont really do it justice but i tried lol mags
  6. mags3224

    Songea Rubies

    Hi all just wondered if anyone can help do you think these Songea Rubies are like the aaa tanzanian rubies from the other rocks channel .?????
  7. mags3224

    pollyanna leaving

    Just been watching tjc on freeview and Pollyanna announced its her last showing on freeview she will have a few evening shows on sky but she is leaving. Mags
  8. mags3224

    Diamond ring from rocks

    Hi all i just had to show this i am really surprised it looks as good as it does didnt think much from the picture on rocks tv but irl looks so much better. Sorry the pics are not brill but sits so well along side my engagement and wedding ring. Mags
  9. mags3224

    Happy Third B/day to TJC

    I would just like to say Happy Birthday to all at TJC and thx for the lovely jewellery i now own.
  10. mags3224

    medusa quartz

    Hi all dont know if this gem medusa quartz has been talked about before but imho i think it looks like a stone with mould in it cant see the attraction at all if you do like this please dont take offense. mags
  11. mags3224

    Fresh talent comp

    Hi Has anyone voted for the fresh talent comp winners as yet. Have had a look not sure who to go for yet. mags
  12. mags3224

    how often web updated

    Hi can anyone tell me how often rocks and co update their web page i have been looking as i am after a few pieces but they have very little at the mo.
  13. mags3224

    trouble with live stream

    Hi all is anyone else having trouble with the stream and chat in rocks logged in managed to say hi then everything went blank now i cant get back in.
  14. mags3224

    AAA Tanzanian Ruby

    Hi All contemplating buying a tanzania ruby ring from rocks and co and wondered if anyone has this stone from them but feel i need some help in doing so all comments appreciated. Mags
  15. mags3224

    new presenter

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew who the lady on gems 2 last night was I missed her name she seemed ok but didnt watch for long. ( she did remind me of lucy with the accent but she didnt screech). Mags
  16. mags3224

    new presenter

    Can anyone tell me do these jewellery presents jump from channel to channel are they there as a trail period then leave for pastures greener ?. I thought i had the wrong channel on earlier when i heard kay littles voice on rocks.
  17. mags3224

    diamond cross pendants

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone has seen these going on air lately but seem well over priced a however am not complaining as i managed to bag mine for £499 but they have been going for £549 up too £ 799. <a...
  18. mags3224

    pearl necklace give away

    Hi all just watching tjc for a bit looks like with every purchase they giving away a free pearl white necklace. Mags
  19. mags3224

    Craig leaving

    hi all dont know if this is of any interest but just received an email. GemsTV Announcement – Presenter Craig is to leave GemsTV UK for GemsTV USA. We wish Craig all the very best in his new job, and know that he'll continue to delight and impress the American viewers with his unique style...
  20. mags3224

    return date in Jan ?

    Hi fellow shoppers, can anyone please tell me what the return date in january for rocks items please ,i have purchased a few items as xmas pressies and cant find a return date i know you normally have 30days but i did hear steve say jan but no date given . mags

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