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  1. dollydimple

    Travel Solutions TSV 20/03/20

    Thank you so much.
  2. dollydimple

    Travel Solutions TSV 20/03/20

    Ooh, I didn’t know there were hard body expanding suitcases. I wouldn’t mind one of those, as my soft body cases are nearly always damaged in some way when I get them from the belt. Unless the airport staff have a vendetta against me...😳
  3. dollydimple

    Michael Perrys Garden TSV 14/03/20

    ‘Actually’, they’ll fit nicely in her small garden, as these ‘little’ lights will fit in a ‘little’ corner, or a ‘little’ space, or can be put on a ‘little’ table, or ‘actually’ put in a ‘little’ pot and they’ll look good. 😊
  4. dollydimple

    Cozee Home quilted bedspread reduced price.

    £15.98 plus P&P
  5. dollydimple

    Todays Top Tech with Amazon TSV 29/07/18

    No, 5 monthly payments still available. I don’t know what other items, other than Amazon Alexa items can be purchased on easy pays. Just noticed it today on the tablets and echos etc. I don’t know why 2 pictures have come up 🤔
  6. dollydimple

    Richard Ward Pet Angel detangling brush

    Did anyone see the show 'Buy it now' earlier on ch.4? It's about inventors having a limited time to pitch an item to shoppers and then seeing if companies will place an order. The pet angel brush was on and im almost certain the inventor ( who does Kate Middleton's hair :cheeky: ) was asked if...
  7. dollydimple

    Babyliss 42mm big hair hot airstyler at Asda

    Currently £28.00 online Asda,default,pd.html Free delivery to local store or home delivery £2.95.
  8. dollydimple

    Gtech AirRam on Ideal World today. 25/08.

    Gtech must have changed shopping channels. On IW today at £179.99 on a choice of 2,3 or 4 Flexipays. I love mine, one of the best things I've bought.
  9. dollydimple

    Hermes tracking

    I think it means being allocated to a courier, the next stage is Courier received , the final stage being signature from customer. I noticed this yesterday when I was tracking a parcel.
  10. dollydimple

    QVC videos now available on ipad and android

    Just seen this a short time ago. Well done QVC
  11. dollydimple

    QVC log in problems

    For the past few days, I've had problems trying to login to my account on QVC. The system wouldn't recognise my email or pin so I had to input my account number as well. Time consuming but it worked...until today. I've deleted cookies / history and still unable to access account. Customer...
  12. dollydimple

    Babyliss volume Pik hair styler

    Did anyone see this demonstrated? I was hoping for a video on the website but none forthcoming :( drat! It was new today apparently and I can't find any info on google about it. Just wondering what it does and whether it is worth keeping my advance order open, for delivery w/c 16th December...
  13. dollydimple

    new invoice / returns labels forms QVC

    Received an item this morning with a new style invoice. Instead of being inside an envelope or behind the see - through outer window on the box, there was a tear off portion on the address label with the new thinner style invoice tucked behind. None of that awful sticky, perforated stuff that...
  14. dollydimple

    BCC prepology oven gloves

    I bought these for my daughter as they were a good price and for a good cause. They arrived this morning and are a lovely pink and are the magnetic hot key gloves - nothing on the item description online...
  15. dollydimple

    What are your favourie or most used QVC purchases?

    I've bought lots of good things ( and some right duffers, too) from QVC but I do have some that I consider best buys. Some are: My Cooks Essentials soup maker - it is used so much and I wouldn't be without it now. So easy to use and clean and has helped me on my diet so much. Been used nearly...
  16. dollydimple

    wow, quick delivery and great bargains

    I ordered 3 items from last Mondays midday madness hour just before the show finished....... and they have just been delivered now. Order confirmation email on Monday, despatch email yesterday with tracking and received items just now!! I always check the madness hours as there are good savings...
  17. dollydimple

    Yong Kim - where have I seen it before?....

    I don't know what it is but whenever I see Yong Kim Fashion, it tends to remind me of the apparel of this little fella :mysmilie_11: :mysmilie_845:
  18. dollydimple

    prepology OTO eggies set 7pm today

    hhmm, the prepology OTO in the Cooks Essentials hour, priced at £5.64 was in clearance before the show at.......wait for it....... £5.64 :thinking: What a fantastic saving :giggle...
  19. dollydimple

    Beauty Tools & Accessories TSV 27/03/13

    this might work, ss from iphone
  20. dollydimple

    Beauty Tools & Accessories TSV 27/03/13

    hmmm, strange but on the app, it's showing as being available on easy pay installments. I've been trying to upload a picture for ages on the stupid tablet, now going to try again. Bear with me. oops, sorry, hope it's done it right. showing on the normal home page as well, as easy pay, as...

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