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  1. alibeth

    Poor Kathy....knickers on show..

    Kathy is doing the Padders footwear show in a way too short for comfort Ronni Nichole dress...she's flashed her undies more than once. Please sit with your knees together Kathy........ (Ha Ha, ten mins later they've turned the chair slightly so we're not getting a full frontal anymore)
  2. alibeth

    Kimberley Selwood...another one bites the dust?

    There was a clearance show this morning and I have just done a search for her. 33 items in last clicks and clearance and only 5 in general stock, so maybe it's curtains for another jewellery range.I remember her first show which was popular and it doesn't seem so long ago either. Does anyone...
  3. alibeth

    Bibi Bijoux woman....

    Will someone please tell her it's Swarovski crystal not 'Sharovski' drives me mad...
  4. alibeth

    £169.50 for a windchime...

    Watching Kirks Folly ( I know....get a life) and there is a crystal windchime on advanced orders for just under £170. Who on earth...? Now I like windchimes and it's quite pretty but however can they justify that extortionate price? 'More money than sense' springs to mind. Go on admit it did any...
  5. alibeth

    Oh no..he's back...

    Just seen that Daniel O' creepy Donnell is on tomorrow morning's show::puke::puke::puke:
  6. alibeth

    T caller with £1,500 worth of Yankee Candles!

    Now I like my scented candles as much as the next person but clearly not as much as T caller Sonia who proudly admitted to having £1,500 worth of Yankee candles. Sorry if you're reading this forum Sonia but either you're very rich or as mad as a box of frogs.... I can think of many ways to...
  7. alibeth

    The other Decleor lady...

    Just watching the 10am Decleor show and have not seen Laura before but I much prefer her presentation and style to Fiona ( perhaps she's away having that bl**dy fringe cut.)
  8. alibeth

    Carmel & Anna...views so far?

    Well I like Carmel but just can't warm to Anna. There was some early comments about Carmel shouting but she seems to have quietened down a bit and I like her accent.
  9. alibeth

    Charlie's feminine side...a touch too far..

    Have just watched two hours of Mr. Brooks getting in touch with his feminine side once again doing Bobbi Brown make up and Birkenstock sandals and now he's on with Ronni Nicole dresses.(Yes I should get a life for one thing)..and I've just heard him say "So we can go bra-less when we wear...
  10. alibeth

    Pipa's new hair colour..

    Hoorah she's lost the skunk look and gone a much more flattering soft sandy red. She looks great.:up:
  11. alibeth

    Waitlist price change?

    I have had a Tacori ring on waitlist for a while now @ £29. I have just checked it online to see if it might have come back in stock and it is now listed @ £31 though still out of stock in my size. When/if it comes back do you think they will honour the original price or hike it up? Ok so it's...
  12. alibeth

    Ringed pearl rip-off?

    With apologies to those that love them but I think Honora are just raking it in with what are basically flawed pearls. I do not expect pearls to be absolutely perfect and I quite like the baroque shapes but I do want them to be as smooth and blemish free as possible. I think they've hit on a...
  13. alibeth

    Still 'in process' after 4 days.

    I treated myself to last Thursday's TSV, the Northern Nights down duvet as my present one is on it's last legs and I want to be nice and cosy when the really cold nights set in. It is still showing as' in process on' my account which is surprising as other TSVs I have ordered have always been...
  14. alibeth


    I have just heard this expression yet again.. When did giving a gift to someone become 'gifting'? Is it a shopping channel phrase, an americanism or have changes in language passed me by once more and this is now the accepted term? Whatever way I don't like itl:angry:
  15. alibeth

    Kathy ' stunning' Tailer

    If she says 'stunning' once more this morning I shall scream! In the breakfast show the Christmas decorations were 'stunning', the tsv was also 'stunning' and only 10 minutes into the jewellery show she has uttered it 6 times already. Time for a new word please Kathy... and sorry I spelt your...
  16. alibeth

    Kelly 'taupe' Hoppen again!

    The charmless Ms. Hoppen on the Breakfast Show has just announced that she now has a number plate that spells 'taupe' there no end to the dreariness of this woman?
  17. alibeth

    "Box fresh" clothes

    Just heard Anne Dawson on 5pm fashion ensure us all that QVC clothing comes "box fresh with tissue paper & cellophane"...well that's news to me...mine comes in a plastic bag and is often creased and sometimes pre-used.:grin:
  18. alibeth

    New Ana De Costa jewellery range

    On at 6pm tonight. Yet another designer silver range following fast in the footsteps of others. Had a look on the website and the pieces look quite delicate and interesting. However from the colour they look to be rhodium plated like the Kimberely Selwood range. I realise this cuts the...
  19. alibeth

    Room 101 ranges..

    I know this kind of thread has appeared from time to time but it's always good to let it out! Try picking your top three horrors and imagine the joy of that door opening and all the dodgy stuff being sucked into infinity.... No.1 I'm totally sick of opaque gems and all those long clunky...
  20. alibeth

    New haircare brand coming...

    On October 29th, there's a 4pm listing for Amara Haircare. Have googled it and found a few cleansing products etc. under this name but nothing for hair. Does anyone know of this brand? And if so is it any good? The cleansing stuff is sulphate & paraben free so if it's the same make it might be...

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