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  1. Pick-a-Lily

    Vionic Footwear TSV 18/01/21

    Can’t do wellies, no arch or ankle support. I only wear them when it’s snowing - like today! And I put vionic insoles in them, but wellies, being ‘slip on’, move around my foot to much, no stability.
  2. Pick-a-Lily

    Has anyone tried this? - - -

    Thanks, we already use the Douxo products, it’s chlorhexidine, which is the antibacterial they use in hospitals. It’s good stuff. We didn’t like the pads, but the foam & shampoo are great.
  3. Pick-a-Lily

    Vionic Footwear TSV 18/01/21

    Ah, you see, I like a good, secure lace up! Any shoe that you can slip on and off is not supportive enough for me. I’m no fitness fanatic either, but trainers are comfy and practical for walking the dog, and my retirement uniform of jeans and a jumper! I buy my shoes in the Hotter sale though...
  4. Pick-a-Lily

    Vionic Footwear TSV 18/01/21

    I do like Vionic footwear, for me they are very comfy, but they’re far too expensive.
  5. Pick-a-Lily

    Has anyone tried this? - - -

    And it’s here already! Amazing Amazon 👍🏼
  6. Pick-a-Lily

    Has anyone tried this? - - -

    I checked and it’s actually the Disinfect I’ve bought 👍🏼 Thanks for all the info. My poor doggy has terrible atopic dermatitis, which is treatment resistant, and his feet have to be washed after every walk. The Leucillin keeps the infections between his toes under control, so this will be...
  7. Pick-a-Lily

    Has anyone tried this? - - -

    Thanks so much for this. I have been buying a veterinary product for washing my dog’s feet, called Leucillin. It’s wonderful stuff, but only comes in small bottles and seems rather pricey, especially given the amount I need to soak a hairy spaniel’s feet. I realised it’s exactly the same stuff...
  8. Pick-a-Lily

    Ninja TSV 8/1/21

    It’s a giant fan assisted toaster, really. Probably useful to someone in a bedsit with no proper cooking facilities. The woman doing the demo is very shouty 😣
  9. Pick-a-Lily

    Things ain't looking good......

    They only have 3 branches in Yorkshire - Ilkley, Ripon & Settle. I know them from my yoof, spent on t’other side of Pennines. They have much more of a Lancashire & Cumbria presence.
  10. Pick-a-Lily

    Christmas candles: what do you burn?

    I recently bought a couple of heavily discounted gift boxes from Valentte: Initially intended as pressies, but I ended up opening one and using the lemongrass & rosemary reed diffuser in the downstairs loo. OMG! absolutely divine, so now keeping both boxes for myself, and...
  11. Pick-a-Lily

    Things ain't looking good......

    oooh I love Booths, posh supermarket, a bit like Waitrose of The North!
  12. Pick-a-Lily

    Kitchen Gifts with Ninja TSV 23/11/20

    It’s a really good price, especially with the easy pays.
  13. Pick-a-Lily

    Kitchen Gifts with Ninja TSV 23/11/20

    It weighs nearly 12kgs too, not something you want to be moving around often.
  14. Pick-a-Lily

    Kitchen Gifts with Ninja TSV 23/11/20

    I bought mine direct from ninja this week, in their Black Friday deal. It’s a red ltd edition one, and comes with a silicone sling (for lifting your roast out), a pair of lifting forks, a two tier rack, and a ninja apron, for £179.99. Will be interesting to see how the TSV measures up. It’s a...
  15. Pick-a-Lily

    Vegepod Summer Sale Limited Time Only

    I have a couple of large VegTrugs (a competitor brand) on my patio. They are great for people, like me, with a bad back - I cannot dig, bend or kneel these days. You do need quite a bit of space, and a schedule for planting, otherwise you end up with bare periods where you are waiting for...
  16. Pick-a-Lily

    If anyone is in need of a new duvet ...

    I would like to recommend the Fogarty factory shop, which is based in Boston, Lincs. I was introduced to this shop 30+ years ago, by a friend who hailed from Boston, and over the years I have bought from them many times. On Friday evening I purchased online an 'all seasons' (10.0 + 3.5 togs)...
  17. Pick-a-Lily

    Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner

    Anyone got one of these? Opinions on effectiveness would be welcome. We have hard flooring throughout the ground floor - a mix of tiles & laminate, plus tiled floor upstairs in bathroom - and a very hairy, muddy dog, so this gadget looking very tempting indeed and the QVC price seems rather...
  18. Pick-a-Lily

    Head to toe in Qvc purchases

    I was out and about yesterday; made a nice change. It was also a baking hot day. I saw a lady wearing a rather nice Carole Hochman maxi nightie, as a dress. She also had a made exclusively for QVC Kipling bag, and was wearing the TSV basket weave Skechers. Never really noticed anyone in QVC...
  19. Pick-a-Lily

    Argos Fast Track Delivery

    I've already posted this on another thread, but I think it's worth posting here too, just in case some of you don't know about this 'Fast Track' service now available from Argos.. I ordered a couple of bulky items from Argos the other day - an electric heater and a memory foam mattress topper...
  20. Pick-a-Lily

    cancelling an order under direct selling regulations

    Sorry, I know this has been discussed all over the forum, but I did a search and could find any posts. I ordered something this morning, an hour later I phoned to change the size and was told my order is already in the warehouse and cannot be amended. What are my options please? I want to avoid...

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