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  1. Pick-a-Lily

    If anyone is in need of a new duvet ...

    I would like to recommend the Fogarty factory shop, which is based in Boston, Lincs. I was introduced to this shop 30+ years ago, by a friend who hailed from Boston, and over the years I have bought from them many times. On Friday evening I purchased online an 'all seasons' (10.0 + 3.5 togs)...
  2. Pick-a-Lily

    Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner

    Anyone got one of these? Opinions on effectiveness would be welcome. We have hard flooring throughout the ground floor - a mix of tiles & laminate, plus tiled floor upstairs in bathroom - and a very hairy, muddy dog, so this gadget looking very tempting indeed and the QVC price seems rather...
  3. Pick-a-Lily

    Head to toe in Qvc purchases

    I was out and about yesterday; made a nice change. It was also a baking hot day. I saw a lady wearing a rather nice Carole Hochman maxi nightie, as a dress. She also had a made exclusively for QVC Kipling bag, and was wearing the TSV basket weave Skechers. Never really noticed anyone in QVC...
  4. Pick-a-Lily

    Argos Fast Track Delivery

    I've already posted this on another thread, but I think it's worth posting here too, just in case some of you don't know about this 'Fast Track' service now available from Argos.. I ordered a couple of bulky items from Argos the other day - an electric heater and a memory foam mattress topper...
  5. Pick-a-Lily

    cancelling an order under direct selling regulations

    Sorry, I know this has been discussed all over the forum, but I did a search and could find any posts. I ordered something this morning, an hour later I phoned to change the size and was told my order is already in the warehouse and cannot be amended. What are my options please? I want to avoid...
  6. Pick-a-Lily

    French soaps?

    A while ago, someone posted a link to a website selling French soaps, which were very similar to L'Occitane's stuff, and apparently they had very good customer service too. I seem to think that the owner of the website posted on here a few times too. I could have sworn I'd bookmarked the...
  7. Pick-a-Lily

    Ultrasun prices

    Just a few examples of how QVC's Ultrasun prices compare with those at Ifsogo Do check them out before purchasing Ultrasun, they are very reliable and have fast, free delivery on everything. Ultrasun Family SPF 30 400ml QVC price £45.50 + £4.95 P&P Vs Same item, Ifsogo price £39.89 and FREE...
  8. Pick-a-Lily

    Christmas tree skirt set - clearance price

    I've just been putting my tree up, and need something to cover the ugly stand at the base. (This is our first time with an artificial tree). I almost bought a tree skirt set last week from QVC (item no 757670), it has good reviews, but the price was putting me off. I just had another look...
  9. Pick-a-Lily

    Dear God!

    Have you seen that awful Salvador Dali style 'jewellery' that's on just now? And the price of it!! :11: They must think we button up at the back.
  10. Pick-a-Lily

    Diamond ring TSV

    They really are having a laugh, aren't they? :33:
  11. Pick-a-Lily

    Rocks TV not loading?

    Is there a problem for everyone, or is it just me that can't get Rocks website to load this evening? It's the breast cancer event tonight isn't it? Perhaps it has crashed because of too many hits.
  12. Pick-a-Lily

    Ring sizes

    Am I right in thinking that all Rocks rings are meant to be size N? I ask because I purchased a Tsavorite & diamond ring (it's beautiful) a couple of days ago, and it must be at least size P and a half. It is too big, even on...
  13. Pick-a-Lily

    A reprieve...

    Of sorts. Got home from work this evening and straight away logged on to look at to see what I was missing. Internet very slow, I thought. Husband gets home logs onto his computer and starts grumbling about slowness. After further investigation, it appears we have exceeded our...
  14. Pick-a-Lily

    My lovely things

    As promised, here are some pics - please excuse carp photography, it's really difficult to photograph yourself! Multi gem flower pendant Swiss blue topaz in rose gold Swiss blue topaz Mystic topaz & diamonds - my first steal from Rockstv for £20! Aquamarine & diamonds in white gold -...

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