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    Sarah Coutts Joining TJC

    Good to be seeing Sarah Coutts return to our screens and is joining TJC this Saturday, her first shift is at 10pm.. I just wanted to wish Sarah all the best for the future..Good Luck! Mary/Mirabelle
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    Sarah B kindly emailed me twice re the New Website!

    Sarah Bennett January 2 at 1:44pm Report Hi Mary I noticed your post on shopping telly and thought i should repsond to you... Live help and chat will be returning as soon as possible it is just that to get the new website up and running was the main priority. Whilst we are perceived to be a...
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    Anyone like The New Gemtv Website...

    Just refreshed the Gemstv Website...It's all dfferent again!! Does anyone like it!.. I think the new Gemstv website looks awful it's dull and drab and I for one am not impressed with it.. :down: Mirabelle :flower:
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    just received this never returning!!

    Dear Customer, Last week I sent an email to all people who had used chatroom recently. It seems that many people did not receive the email and I apologise for that. In the email, I outlined the issues that we were facing with chat and that we were considering what to do next. Due to the...
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    Thank you for the request hour Rae!

    :mysmilie_348: Rae...just wanted to thank you for the request hour you did tonight..made a lot of happy included:mysmilie_698: I do hope we can all do it again, and other presenters do it too..:mysmilie_696: thanks again.. Love Mary, (Mirabelle xxx
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    Milano charm [email protected] tonight

    :mysmilie_348: all..So you don't miss out I thought I would post this..... The loveley Rae has just announced a Milano charm hour @ 8pm tonight.. Thursday 4th february 2010 Mirabelle xx
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    Not on air again!!!

    :mysmilie_348: Just found out through chat that Rockstv is off air today and tomorrow... Bumma!! hope they get the new system sorted soon... Happy new Year all to all at Rockstv and all the chatters... Mirabelle xx
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    "Today is Katherine's last official day!

    :) Well Katherine that last week at Rockstv came around far too quick hun! :eek: No doubt there are going to be lots of tears today at Rockstv.. I know I will shed a few Katherine! I am going to miss you terribly and our little chats.. "Good luck! in your new job! but if you dont like it...
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    I'm hopping mad..discraceful intimidating action

    Well you can certainly tell Katherine is no longer in customer services!!! I've just received a phone call from Charlie (One of the new CS ) saying the call was to remind me of a couple of items in my basket that expire tonight at if i didnt know that already, I always wait for the...
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    Katherine leaving Rockstv- Bye Katherine!!!

    :hi: I was so shocked to get an email from the lovely Katherine the other day to say she is leaving Rockstv within a week, but will pop up now and again to help out in customer service for the holiday period! I'm so sorry to hear she is leaving, she was the backbone of Rocks customer care, but...
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    "They deserve an award!!!

    I would just like to say thats Rockstv customer service are the tops!!! :up2: "They deserve an award as recognition of their outstanding customer care!! Keep up the great work...:clapping: Love Mirabelle xx :40:
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    Happy 5th Birthday Gemstv!!!!

    A Big Happy 5th Birthday to you all at Gemstv....:cake::glass::beer: Have a fantastic time with all the celebrations..Heres to another 5years!!..:clapping: love to you all :heart: Myra & Brian Fabian Bradford West Yorkshire.xx Mirabelle xx:40: Also Wishing A big Happy Birthday to Angeline...
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    "Happy Birthday To Barry!!

    :hi: to Mr.:cool2: I mean Barry lol... I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday for today!! :cake: Hope you're having a great day...:clapping: Love, Mirabelle xxx :40:
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    Chains Hour you only save a .....

    :thinking2: lol Chains Hour prices are best prices in specialised chains hour Angeline says!!! ha ha lol rofl pmpl you are only saving £1 on the actual web pricing to buy these chains without this so called specialised hour!!!!!!!!...and they are selling too.. Mirabelle :flower:
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    "Who is not happy with the "old" chit/chat room Idea

    Hi everyone, I don't know how many of you feel the chit/chat room "old" Idea is the best way forward for Rockstv... if anything its going backward. I for one remember the very early days when they had two rooms and "Wiggi" a rocks forum type thing.....that got disbanded too for unruly bullying...
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    Where has the back screen TV gone from Gems 1 Studio

    :33:I noticed Gems 1 Studio was off air untill this afternoon... when Gems 1 came back on it was minus its back screen TV and also the small tv in not in its little white surround!!? anyone know anything!!? I'm just being nosey and would like to know why the change of the set...
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    Hapy New Year To All My Fellow rockettes

    :1:I would just like to say to all my fellow rockettes "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:35: Lots of love, Mirabelle, xxxxx:40:
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    Great News.. Argey home safe and sound!!!

    :1:Great news everyone!!!:59: Argey arrived home today safe and is her birthday too.... she has already been in the chat room at Rockstv, chatting to us all!. I'm so glad shes recovered enough to be back in her home surroundings. "Welcome Home Argey":60: I'd like to take this...
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    Anyone like to leave a get well message for Argey on Rocks chat room

    All of us in the Rocks chat room are shocked, and sooo sorry to hear that Argey is in Intensive care!.. Jan (Jan the nan) is doing an online card for her, and if you would like to participate, you can leave your get well message with Jan when you see her logged in on the rockstv chat room...not...
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    How about discounting any order for long standing customers too!?

    Hi Everyone....:1: After placing my order just now and thinking I've got a discount off...It would appear yet again I'm finding out the hard way, that these discount codes I've been given one on here stcom5 and one in an email vc5, only apply to us if we buy from coloured rocks website, (anyone...

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