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  1. Fraggle

    Cozee Home New Items

    I was just coming on to ask if QVC were about to stop stocking Cozee Home as there was nothing on the website. I guess they’re clearing out for new stock instead! Thanks Ian :)
  2. Fraggle

    The Body Shop

    I know what you're thinking - daft woman has posted this in the wrong forum - bear with me! As some of you will know I used to buy a lot of bath, shower and make up products from QVC, this included Philosophy shower gels and Bare Escentuals and Smashbox make up. I gave up buying from QVC for...
  3. Fraggle

    Flower Power TSV?

    Just wondering - has Richard Jackson done his annual Flower Power TSV yet?
  4. Fraggle

    Velvet cords

    Not one to post much in this section but I wanted to give a thumbs up to Rocks. I ordered a pair of Green Amethyst cufflinks (the small ones) for Christmas and they arrived yesterday - lovely and an unbelievable buy for £9! I decided to bump the order up by ordering some of the velvet cords...
  5. Fraggle

    The Furminator

    I know we have had people posting fabulous reviews on this before but as the site is constantly welcoming new people I wanted to post another one :1: This product never fails to amaze me, great name and it does what it says on the tin... would that more QVC purchases did the same! :33::54...

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