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  1. dollydiva

    When Is An Extender Not An Extender?

    When Is An Extender Not An Extender? The answer is when you use a lobster claw clasp that cannot accommodate the size of the links used for the extender chain! :mysmilie_51: Couldn't believe it at first and actually thought I was being a bit cack handed in trying to get the link into the claw...
  2. dollydiva

    TJC - Not As Good As It Used To Be

    I was a real TJC fan, but since the new boss arrived, it seems to me that they now sell just a load of tat. It's all cheap stuff and when they do actually have something gold on, it's made with the thinnest gold I've ever seen. If you want anything near normal quality, you need Iliana or...
  3. dollydiva

    A Penny For Them

    Really, QVC! Liz Earle No.1 £47.00 - Liz Earle No15 and No100 £47.01 each. Does they really cost ONE PENNY more to produce? And if they do cost 1p more, couldn't you have borne the loss of 1p? Even if you sold 3000 you would only be £30 down on your overall massive profit?:wonder: Pah!!!! dd
  4. dollydiva

    Is Alison pregnant?

    Sorry if ive missed the announcement, but she is looking very rotund on the tsv show. Am surprised if she is tbh. Dd
  5. dollydiva

    What a waste of time (and money)

    I saw that on the back of the IW invoice that it says to call CS before returning an item over £100 to 'arrange the most suitable returns procedure". I'd ordered an item of jewellery and so knew that it would have to be returned by Special Delivery anyway, but as this was the first time I'd...
  6. dollydiva

    Fitness POTD

    Have you seen this yet? Is it serious? My son got the same thing recently from a craft fair for £1.50 - A bit of stronger elastic aside, I can't see the difference! On the promo film they show, one the customers says how she can 'really feel it' and that she's 'out of breath'. Out of breath...

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