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  1. Calvin

    Debbie Flint's hair tonight

    Is Debbie Flint sporting a new hair do tonight? I haven't been watching much QVC at the moment, so it mightn't be that new, but it is a great cut and colour and it really suits her.
  2. Calvin

    Not another digital camera tsv!

    Well, I finally got my camera on Friday and took it up to N Ireland's beautiful Causeway Coast for a trial run over the Bank Holiday. I like it a lot, Flying Pigs, particularly the option that lets you intensify the blues. The optical zoom is excellent too and I shall be holding on to...
  3. Calvin

    cook's essentials 8 Piece Electric Compact Food Processor

    I like the look of this gadget I don't have a lot of storage space in my kitchen and this appears to be compact and fairly stylish. Have any of you bought one? MTIA.
  4. Calvin

    Lock and Lock...a bit of a problem

    I have a ton of Lock and Lock boxes, (like many on here, I suspect :blush:) but I've noticed that they are retaining the smell and colour of the food I'm storing in them after washing. Most recently, I've had one with an orange tinge after freezing Chilli con Carne and one that smells of chicken...
  5. Calvin

    17th birthday 3 easypay

    I recieved a card today with details of a birthday weekend 3 easypay offer running from 1st-3rd Oct. The code can be used on phone or online orders- so we can get our Quidco commission :clapping:
  6. Calvin

    Catherine's necklace- possible TSV, 2nd June?

    Catherine Huntly was wearing a very colourful beaded necklace in last night's Birkenstock hour and I can't find it on the QVC inventory. I see there is a Sterling Bold Opaques TSV on 2nd June and wonder if this might be the TSV. Can our detectives get any info, please? :sun:
  7. Calvin

    A present for the teacher?

    We've all had a laugh at QVC's extravagant suggestions for teacher's gifts- Northern Nights, Gatineau, Honora earrings etc, but some of these suggestions make JR, AK et al look postively restrained!:eek: There was a...
  8. Calvin

    Gems Around the World TSV, 8th Jan

    Has anyone any clues as to what this might be, please? (Christmas money burning a hole in my purse,:mysmilie_697:)
  9. Calvin

    QVCUS TSV- bareMinerals BEautiful in Pearls

    This looks interesting- two QVC favourites working together. The BE mineral make up is infused with Honora pearls. As ever with the US beauty TSVs, do you think we'll get it here...
  10. Calvin

    Last night's glitches

    I really felt for Barry and the team last night as the technical problems took over most of the evening. Thanks for soldiering on in the chatbox Barry and I hope all the gremlins are away tonight. xx
  11. Calvin

    New fashion line- Kim Parrish

    This previews tomorrow at 5pm. Is it a yes or a no please ladies? ;)
  12. Calvin

    Kipling OTO??

    Has anyone found a Kipling OTO for tonight yet, please?
  13. Calvin


    I've just had a peep at Rocks' schedule (somebody has to ;)) and I see we can now pre-bid on all the items in today's catalogue. Thanks again to Steve and the crew.
  14. Calvin

    Has anyone bought the yellow or white gold multi cluster ring?

    Firstly, apologies for the title, but I couldn't think of a less clumsy way to put it. :lol: Have any of you bought LS670, or her 'sister' BS412 please? (Stupid question, I know as someone here is bound to have it.) It's the very modern multicluster and it comes in white and yellow gold-...
  15. Calvin

    Smashbox TSV December 17th

    Good news for all you Smashbox fans- there is a TSV on December 17th and from the look of the TV guide it's a 'last minute' gift day, so it may arrive in time for Christmas!
  16. Calvin

    Items missing from needed, please

    I've had an item that has gone 'missing' from my basket and I got an email from Tony (I think???) asking us to email him if this happened and we'd get a refund of the P&P for the next order. I've stupidly deleted the email and wonder if some kind forum member can let me know what I need to do...
  17. Calvin

    Bare Escentuals on QVCUS, 8th November

    This looks like a fantastic kit from Bare Escentuals and it's on Easypay and Auto Delivery too! What are the chances that we will be getting this kit in the UK, and at such a good price? I can never get these US links to work, the site is at and the number is A84315.
  18. Calvin

    Oh hahahaha, will QVC not admit that MB has gone?

    I see that there are still some Molton Brown sets on QVC today. Will they ever admit that Molton Brown have given them the elbow?
  19. Calvin

    Christmas on QVC

    It seems to me that there are a lot more Christmas shows on QVC this year. I don't remember such an onslaught year ago. Is my memory at fault or is QVC trying to wring every penny out of us?
  20. Calvin

    TSV 14th October- Technique II Knives

    I'm glad to see Technique II as a TSV again, and the price is fantastic. I bought earlier this year and it is the best knife I've used,far superior to my...

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