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  1. clevercat

    h20 Steam Mop

    Really taken with this after seeing it on the morning show. I have two sizeable areas of hard flooring to keep clean and a lot of new, neutral toned carpet to keep free of stains, spills etc. Has anyone on the forum got this and would give some feedback? I have checked Amazon and Argos and...
  2. clevercat

    The Ninja anyone bought or tried one?

    I saw the Ninja machine the other day and am tempted to buy one. Has anyone used it and what did you think of it? I don't want a Kitchenaid type machine just a step up from my Braun stick blender/chopper in quantities and uses. Thank you in advance for any advice.:blush:
  3. clevercat

    Best Eveliner - Bobbi Brown or Smashbox?

    Help please. I use eyeliner and eye makeup everyday as I am fair and my features need the definition. I have the BB duo set of eyeliners, brush and mascara on chequehold but have found I have several Smashbox eyeliners from TSV's including the recent TSV ones lurking in my stash. Which is better...
  4. clevercat

    What look is Catherine going for?

    Just turned on to catch up with D day while OH and sons went to Halfords. What is CH wearing? I finally decided it's a dead heat between the Lady of Shalott and Abigail's Party. What a silly billy!
  5. clevercat

    Murano Ring

    My Murano multi coloured ring arrived today in the turquoise/green colourway. Wow I love it, so much I posted my first QVC review ever and ordered the chocolate/gold one on waitlist despite being in the doghouse over the L'Occitane mountain. It is a whopper of a ring but comfortable, did anyone...
  6. clevercat

    What did you get on Easy Pay Day?

    I went a bit mad on easy pay day with L'Occitane, but as the purchases are spread it is not as bad as it sounds. Anyway they've started to trickle in by Royal Mail, the one courier item came days ago but OH was here at the time so that was the fly in the ointment. He staggered back from the door...

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