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    Wonder what make Goodys shoes\boots are?

    Markon or Flea Flots ?
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    Is this the QVC Forum? Where are the postings relating to QVC Breast Cancer Awareness

    Why are items not posted here if this is a QVC thread? Seems illogical & not in the spirit of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
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    Boring Bears

    Gordon Bennett- what boring conversation. Would rather be sat next to the bears than the 2 people talking about them.
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    14 Day money back guarentee on IW website

    Not sure if the 30 day money back has been replaced with this 14 day MBG. Just noticed tonight on some items on IW website. Flagging it up in case anyone is thinking of returning anything soon. Not sure what they are saying on TV now, not really watched anything for any length of time.
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    QVC- has become stale & jaded

    DD described watching part of Craft Day as Groundhog Day. How many times does 'The Brenda Pinnick' kit need to come back? Where is Nancy from DCWV & her products?
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    F.A.R.Ters - Help needed considering the Leg Master

    Not sure if to buy. Tempted for weight loss reasons, plenty of toning to be done here. Possible help with toning v being used as a clothes horse.
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    Has QVC become a courier service?

    Given how shipping prices have increased so much, I have started to wonder if they have begun to operate their own courier service, or are major shareholders in an existing one.
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    Statement of thr Day (S.O.D.) - Elemis

    Keely from Elemis Something along the lines of they use 'Intelligent Seaweed' , in their products. Would love to see the scientific evidence on this one. Wonder what their definition is of 'intelligence' is , what measure they use ? Which IQ test they apply.
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    Does anyone know where Lee from Philosophy went?

    Just wondered if anyone knew where he went to?
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    Can QVC get past 'Faux' Croc\Croco Handbags?

    Just fed up of seeing Faux Croc bags (not that I want to see real Croc Bags).
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    Fran Wilson only does \ specialises in lips?

    A quick goggle, reveals, she does eyebrow care, hand care, skincare etc. Suprise, suprise.
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    Anyone buy the Nails Inc Seaside Collection?

    Just wondered what the colours were like for application. How many coats? if they are streaky? etc.TIA
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    Flexipay-How does it work?

    Do you need to phone in for it? or can you apply it via the website? Looking at the Bissell Many Thanks Hmmm-went crazy on the Flexipay spelling
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    Warrington:Anyone visited recently?

    Just wondered what bargains might be on offer. If it is worth a visit- could be passing that way. Many Thanks
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    Domotec- or equivalent anone got one?

    Reviews for Domotec on Lakeland are very mixed - I just wondered if anyone had one & what they thought? Or has anyone an alternative they can recommend. Many Thanks:wave2:
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    C.E.W. Awards

    There does not seem to be many QVC products here
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    Anyone been to QVC Warrington shop lately?

    Just wondered what type of stock they had in-if it is worth a visit.
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    Lock & Lock Sets

    Anyone recommend any sets they have bought recently where the lid hinges are OK? Just bought a couple of the large containers and lid hinges are broken. Many Thanks
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    Ready To Wear Cosmetics

    Looking for peoples feedback on this range. Has anyone bought any of the range-especially the face powder? What did you think? Many Thanks
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    Pilates Blade Core Training Bar

    I'm thinking of buying this item and just wondered if anyone has bought one and if it was helpful.

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