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    Is Lyn having a little gem?

    I was channel flicking like you do and seen Lyn finishing her shift and she walked over to the presenter who was going to do the next hour and I thought has our Lyn got a little bump in front I dont watch much these days so wondered if anyone was in the know (if she's not we'll blame the camera...
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    Gems tv on web prices in dollars?

    The only gems I can get on the web today is selling in dollars the same as the USA site and I cant log in as it says my log in details are incorrect , and theres no gems extra or jewellery maker link on the front page that I can see not sure whats going on now and I'm not sure I can be bothered...
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    Q buying gold?

    I'm sure watching qvc the other night in betweeen shows they where saying that they will buy your old gold jewellery from you but I cant see anything on the web about it so wondered if anyone else seen it or know anything about it .
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    New company name?

    I needed to return a couple of items back to Gems today and noticed on the returns lable is has the address as The Genuine Gemstone Company Ltd have they changed their name again?It was only a couple of weeks ago that I returned a couple of pieces of Glen Leher and I'm sure it was the usual...
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    Returned Items

    I had to return my halogen oven as the therostate stopped working I bought it in Dec so still in warranty I sent it back using a lable I printed off and took it to a shop that deals with parcel returns and that was on the 3rd and have not heard anything about it .Do any of you know if they just...
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    Help with Pandigital scanner

    Did anyone buy the Pandigital scanner last week? Its a great little scanner that you scan your old photos onto a SD card and I thought the presenter said you could down load your photos onto your PC and play around with them but I have found if I want to rotate an image etc it wont save the...
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    anyone bought a helicopter

    I'm kind of new to Ideal world never found much on there to be honest that I have found interesting but I did see a part of a demo on the remote control helicopters whilst channel hopping like you do and I was wondering if any one has bought them and if there any good I was considering one for...
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    Studio Sample Sale

    Just as a matter of interest has anyone gone on the Studio Sample Sale I was sent an E-mail so I thought I'd see what was being sold off, but everything I clicked on to have a look was unavailable (not sold out)and the annoying thing is everytime you want to go back to the page you were looking...
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    Lid on halogen oven tip

    I have a cookshop halogen oven with the hinged lid but found it would'nt always connect to come on without a lot of giggling about( which was getting on my wick) so I got hubby to take a look and he has cured the problem by tearing a small piece of cardboard off the cereal packet and sliding it...
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    new bid shopper help

    Can anyone help please I have been tempted to buy a handbag from Bid tv and was wondering who they use to deliver there goods and also if you purchase more than one item on the same day do you have to payP&p on all the items seperately I cant see anything on the web about this and I know some of...
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    gem collector -settings

    Can anyone tell me if Gems are still selling empty ring mounts as I cant find anything on their web site but I was sure I seen them at one time so that you can buy the loose stones and choose a setting to put it in .
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    new presenter ?

    Anyone know who the presenter is on Gems doing the tookalon hour after only 10 minuits she's doing my head in I turned the sound off then turned off and watched telly. it says its Steve Bennett on the listing
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    Loose Gems hours

    I do wish when Gems have their loose gems hours they would put the size of the stones in the info as well as the carat weight sometimes if I miss some of the stones thats already been auctioned and look on the open for an hour section theres nothing saying the size in mm so if your looking for...
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    Help with emerald buying

    :confused: Can anyone who loves Emeralds give me some advice on which is the best I have watched for a while and there is Brazilian,Zambian etc and they are all beautiful according to the presenters and on the PC its quite hard to see what the clarity and inclusions are.What I really want is a...
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    old order history and cards

    can anyone tell me how I can look up the old order history for rocks items from the past as I wanted to print out a couple of authenticity cards but it is'nt showing all my history only I cant remember how to look it up on the tool bar with the product number I dont know if its still possible to...
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    still no lengths

    :angry:I have been looking at the new falling auctions on coloured rocks and guess what they still have no lengths on the braclets and necklaces what infuriates me most about this is we have been told that this was being sorted so why has'nt it surely its essential if your buying a braclet you...
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    Gems stream off line

    Do any of you peeps know if anyone has said why the Gems stream is off on the web? I have tried to view gems several times this week and its not working but no one seems to know why in the chat.
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    sound on rocks

    Hi can anyone tell me if there is anyway of turning the sound down or off on rocks without turning my speakers off completly we used to be able to on a slider thing on the top of the screen ,The reason i ask is i like to listen to the cricket on the web but watch rocks at the same time but i...
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    New ring sizes

    :happy: I have been off line for ages (no internet connection)so i missed rocks and the new ring sizes coming on . I am so happy to see they are doing some really nice yellow gold diamond rings in size 9 r/s I have bought 3 already so a bit broke for a bit but i could'nt resist In the past i...
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    The new channel

    I see the jewellerymaker channel is on sky today I watched for a bit and seen some of the kits etc not sure its for me but I'm sure a lot of peeps will want to have a go at making their own bling but good luck to rocks for trying out something new .

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