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    Ideal world Peterborough contact number??

    Hi Guys Does anyone have or know the UK contact number for IW at Peterborough? Thanks :)
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    Go Clever Smart Phone

    Hi, Did anyone get the Go Clever Smart phone from IW last week? I got it home, looks great..but how the heck do you change ringtone? Anyone know please? :phone::phone:
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    New Presenters- Not impressed

    Just flicked on to TJC to see "Leah" the new girl presenting, Terrible isn't the word! Shouty over the top voice and market stall selling approach. I had the misfortune to tune into see her presenting last night, equally as bad and wearing a top that didn't remotely fit where it touched:puke...
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    Current QVC Easy Pay Codes?

    Hi all, I know this is a bit of a cheeky ask, but does anyone know of any current easy pay codes for QVC please?:happy: TYIA
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    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how long (approx) TJC are currently taking to deliver? I dipped in for the first time in ages on the 26th and item shows as dispeatched yesterday, wondering when i might recieve it. TYIA
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    Any current easy pay codes please?

    Hi all,Does any one know of any current easy pay codes for QVC please? TYIA:up:
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    Tim Goodwin joining Argos TV?

    Sorry to say Tim Goodwin's arrival at Argos TV will not make me jump to watch their channel. He may know his Techie stuff (or did when at QVC) but i never used to find him very entertaining:sleepy:
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    Lynn Taylor on TJC

    Tuned in earlier to see the lovely Lynn Taylor (formerly of Sit-up Channels) is now presenting on TJC. Nice choice, i like Lynn's presenting style :up:
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    Guest designers now main presenters?

    I've just switched over to JM to find Linda (i think) doing the main presentation, instead of a presenter presenting and the guest in the "creating corner". Is this going to be the norm or just a one off?
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    Rocks Chat

    Well. Decided to watch Rocks online after picking up a bargain ring for hubby early this morning. Sat back to watch a little while ago and was also watching the chat room. A comment was made along the lines of " £2 go onnnnnnnnn", so i sarcastically put...."well if your going to go to £2 they...
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    Steve's 7pm Hour

    Came across Steve presenting on Gems as i was channel hopping. What a hour of two halfs! Beautiful Chrome Diopside rings in 18k gold, stunning emerland and diamond bracelets in 18k, fab tanzy and amethyst rings...and then onyx and 18k?? rose quartz and black onyx rings?? Sorry Steve if you want...
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    Starter kits?

    Hi Guys, I've decided i want to give making my own jewellery a try, so can anyone suggest a good starter kit? I'll be starting from scratch so any help greatfully received. TYIA :nod:
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    Charlie Bears Show Sunday 13.6.2010

    Hiya, I see Charlie Bears have a 3 hour show from 12 o clock on Sunday. Has anyone managed to track down any new item codes please? :wonder:
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    QVC At It Again- Decleor Mens Facial Care Trio....

    Hi, I ordered 2 of this set on Sunday on the first live hour showing, as Fathers Day gifts. The items were showing as "in stock" at the time, and i phoned after ordering online to confirm the order. Within the last hour the status on my online account has changed from "in process" to "awaiting...
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    Claire Stewart- Where did she go??

    I've been wondering today....What happened to Claire(sp) Stewart? She seemed to vanish from Sit-up channels, where did she disappear to? Anyone know?:thinking:
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    Georgina Burnett back on

    Just switched over to see the lovely Georgina Burnett back on Price-Drop! Great to see her back:up:
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    Coopers Ruby Red Sewing Machine POTD

    :hi: Hiya, I've seen the Coopers Ruby Red Sewing machine as the current POTD, Does anyone have any experience of this brand? Does anyone own, or has bought one of these machines? It looks quite good, the flexi-pays are a plus, but don't know anything about the brand. Any info much...
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    Tanzanite SILVER Ring on 3 easy pays

    I've just channel hopped onto Gems between programmes to see Angeline selling a Tanzanite SILVER ring on 3 easy pays of £99!! What on earth is going on with Gems pricing these days?:mysmilie_81:
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    Deliveries and CS Emails

    Hi, I've been expecting a delivery from TJC from the end of last month, but nothing had arrived. Today i've checked on their website, and subsequently used the tracking on the DX website. My order shows as out for delivery on the 5/1/2010, but as i've been at home with my son as schools are...
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    Vibration POD

    Hiya, I've been looking at IW's Vibration platform POD. Does anyone know if this machine is any good?Good value? Worth trying? Advice please??? TYIA:mysmilie_687:

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