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  1. cupcake

    Before & After photos

    Is it just me or does one set of before and after photos that Strivectin are using, look a bit suspect? it's the one where they are showing a woman's cheek and jaw area. In the before shot, it really looks like she has her chin resting on something that is causing the skin in that area, and on...
  2. cupcake

    Jo Woods

    I thought Jo Woods was on QVC recently flogging her wares but she popped up on IW last night ... Came across as a bit of a Lulu (as in didn't know too much about some of the ingredients / what was in each product and left it to her 'right hand' woman to talk about those). Have to say I love...
  3. cupcake


    So ... I purchased the recent TSV, had great results for the first few days - hair was shiny, soft and bouncy. Since then, I've started noticing my hair has been going drier than usual. Wasn't sure if it was the conditioner, or the treatment - turns out it the conditioner. My hair is, or...
  4. cupcake

    BE question re: covering redness

    Was watching the show last night and saw that one of the models had red cheeks (rosacea??) which SJ managed to cover up very successfully. How much BE is she using to do that?? I decided to give my BE another go this AM as my skin is taking forever to heal and thought this might help. I am...
  5. cupcake

    Last Ojon TSV on AD

    If anyone bought this on AD, you might want to check that they actually put you down for it! I called to change my CC number (as last one was nicked) and was told they hadn't put me down for it ... but it seems you can still get signed up for it (or at least that's what the chap said yesterday).
  6. cupcake

    Ojon recommendations please

    I got the last TSV on AD and am half way through the shampoo and conditioner (wash my hair every day). Just wondering what to try next as I will have run out before the next AD shipment - and I missed Saturday's shows. My hair is very fine (although the Tawaka seems to make it thicker) and is...
  7. cupcake

    Kipling Katie going bald

    Anyone else having problems with their velvet Kipling Katie? Have only had mine a few weeks due to them sending me the wrong one and then sending me the right one. Have used it most days since then (although there was one week when I changed to a different bag). I am sure Lorraine (or...
  8. cupcake

    Kipling velvet - hard wearing??

    Finally got my purple bag today. Colour is beautiful but am a bit worried the corners will wear out over time. If you bought this bag as a TSV, how's your velvet holding up?? Undecided whether or not to keep it.
  9. cupcake

    Bluddy Kim & Co / QVC

    Had the 7pm show on in the background last night and noticed TSV was not selling well (no surprise there then). Catherine Huntley then began her ' the phone are very busy' patter to try and encourage people to buy. She then started trying to talk it up by saying that one of Kim's cardigans...
  10. cupcake

    What would you like to see as a TSV?

    I noticed yesterday that someone (Tia maybe) said that L'Occitane TSVs are becoming a little boring and I agree - a lot of the beauty TSVs* are rather predictable / dull. The only one that has excited me recently was Smashbox. So ... what would you like to see as a TSV? I'd like an A'kin...
  11. cupcake

    cheaper elsewhere!

    If anyone is interested in this kit, I saw it in the repeat of the beauty hour at 7 this morning - you can save £13.47 if you buy it from Mypure (P&P included in this figure.)...
  12. cupcake

    Philosophy Christmas goodies

    Sorry to mention the 'C' word, but does anyone know when Philosophy will be launching their Christmas goodies on QVC/in the UK in general? I wanted to get some as pressies. Philosophy have some great Halloween gift sets on their site but am not sure if I'm that taken with the Christmas...
  13. cupcake


    As this is cruelty free (and hopefully has no animal derivites in it) I was thinking of trying it as my skin is looking less than great at the moment - all the density seems to have gone out of it and I'll be looking like Dot Cotton if this carries on! Anyway, I tuned in to the 9pm show last...
  14. cupcake


    Smashbox TSV Anyone know when the next Smashbox TSV will be? Not been tempted by any TSVs recently (thank goodness) but always buy one of these regardless of what's in it!
  15. cupcake

    What would you like to see on QVC?

    Thought there was a thread about this but maybe it was on the old site as I can't find it. Just wondered what else you would like to see on QVC? I'd like to see more ethical brands - both in the beauty hours, and in fashion. For example, I think it would be great if they started stocking...

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