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  1. wheelyred

    Internet connection?

    I don.t know why but everytime I log onto rocks today, my internet connection goes down :confused: I really don't know why, can anyone help?
  2. wheelyred

    Opal? ? ?

    I had to tell you all of my trip into town today, over the last few years I have bought a lot of Opals from Gems, and I wanted an Opal pendant to go with them, I needed it for Friday to where with a special outfit, so no time for Gems ( and not using the web site still ) so I called into a...
  3. wheelyred


    Hi everyone, I thought that I would ask you all for your dream item of jewellery, perhaps a design that you already own, or something that you have always wanted ? My dream is a 3ct emerald cut emerald in white gold, with no fancy bits and bobs on it, just plain and simple (just like me lol) :)

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