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  1. Ilovelulu

    Judith Williams Skincare

    Is this any good? I was watching the 8pm hour with AY and Judith can certainly talk a good game, the prices are pretty reasonable as well. Any fans on here or anyone recommend the products?
  2. Ilovelulu

    £50 for a hairdryer! Blimey!

    Seriously? I was thinking, mmm in need of a lightweight good quality travel dryer (back up dryer) and was thinking that Ego one looks good, clicked on it and almost fell off my seat! £50!!! Not a snowballs chance in hell I'm buying that! It'll be a wee trip to Argos for me I think!
  3. Ilovelulu

    Your Ideal Job on QVC

    Sitting at my desk, another long day at a job I don't particularly like anymore I was thinking what kind of job would I like to do on QVC (I know its sad but thats what this job has turned me to!). I think I would love to be a buyer, fashion or jewellery, I also think I would try my hardest to...
  4. Ilovelulu

    God Alison - stop interupting....

    your guests! Trying to watch the Emma Hardie hour and she is doing my head in, Emma has hardly been able to finish a sentence and we're only 6 mins in! I was lookin forward to this hour to find out about the balm but I don't think I will be able to put up with AY! Oh only 300 of the starter...
  5. Ilovelulu

    P&P Again!

    Sorry guys I know this has been a thread a number of times but having just been to the post office to return a ring (Ana De Costa - too small and wasn't impressed with the quality) I was shocked when the man at the counter, weighed the parcel and told me it only weighed in as a large letter so...
  6. Ilovelulu

    Ana De Costa Jewellery

    Actually quite liking this range, prices seem quite reasonable and the stuff is a bit different. Got the lace style ring in my basket as we speak, the price is really good and I've been looking for a simple silver ring that isnt too fussy!
  7. Ilovelulu

    If you could what would you treat yourself to...

    So if you had the spare cash, won the euromillions, rich elderly relative you didn't know about died and left you wads of dosh..........what would you treat yourself to (as its a QVC thread obv something off them!). For me it would be a Lulu Guinness bag, would like one of the lips clutches but...
  8. Ilovelulu


    Dont know if this has been asked before (apols if it has), but caught the end of a presentation on the Nutrasonic and it looked quite good, plus price is good and on flexi pay. Anyone got one of these? I have been thinking of going for the other one on QVC but its a bit on the pricey side!
  9. Ilovelulu

    Ab-doer - crazy or not?

    Watching a wee bit of the look good, feel good show with Debbie Flint tonight and this was on, I was actually quite interested but wondered if anyone on here had any experience of this machine. Looked ok for the price and on easy pay which helps, plus packs away into quite a small space, but is...
  10. Ilovelulu

    Christmas Wish Lists

    So seeing as how we are literally actually only days away now from the big day (huge build up - over before we know it!) what have the forumites got on their wish lists, QVC items etc. For me its as follows (fingers crossed) Kindle Elemis Perfume BE eyeshadows L'occitane Shea Butter goodies...
  11. Ilovelulu

    Charlie Brook - Fashion Adviser NOT

    I know this has been said before, but seriously, what are QVC thinking about getting him to present womens fashion/beauty hours?? He's on a lulu guinness hour later today! No offence guys but I bet theres not many out there that give two figs about womans handbags! :confused: Sorry just spotted...
  12. Ilovelulu

    Lulu Guinness TSV

    Any ideas on what this will be (I know its a bag!) just wondering what kind :thinking: Would really love one of her shop bags or a leather one this time! I love her cat and mouse bag but haven't been able to justify the cost. :heartbroke:
  13. Ilovelulu

    John Barrowman - 8pm Thursday

    I'm quite looking forward to this hour, will need to run home after Zumba to catch it though! I really like John Barrowman, nothing to do with him being from Mount Vernon, Glasgow, which is just up the road from me! lol. Reading his first book at the moment and its really a good laugh! I...
  14. Ilovelulu

    Instyler twirling hair thingy!

    So did anyone get this, if so what do you think, the reviews on Q are pretty c**p! 2.9 out of 5 I think. I had a feeling this wouldn't be too good, it just didn't seem to work that well on the models hair. I'm a GHD convert and use the Yogi wand for my curls so I wasn't tempted by it. Anyone...
  15. Ilovelulu

    Yong Kim clothes

    Wow, expensive stuff, although very nice, a range of clothes that are actually very wearable by almost everyone but jeez the prices! £85 for a cardigan! wow!
  16. Ilovelulu

    Boredom watching

    We've probably all done it, instead of turning over or if theres nothing else on (amazingly this happens even though we have dozens and dozens of channels now), we all at some point end up watching an hour or two of QVC when we have absolutely no interest in the range/products being shown. For...
  17. Ilovelulu

    Thortons Lady

    Not to be too mean, but does the thortons guest have to speak in a half whisper all the time, its only chocolate in the name of God! it wont melt if you speak too loudly! Also dont know if this has been mentioned before but the prices seem a wee bit steep compared to just buying them at a...
  18. Ilovelulu

    CB on Charlie Bears

    feeling hungover, might not manage to keep my lunch down! He is so 'cutsey' on these hours! I love love love the bears! but got a holiday coming up so cant afford to treat myself! ;-( will prob turnover as too much torture to watch and not spend.
  19. Ilovelulu

    BE - Matte foundation

    Sorry if this is a duplicate thread but just wondered how folk are getting on with this? I use the original but just run out and I have oily/combi skin so fancied the matte one. On the QVC website alot of folk saying you need to go lighter with the matte as the colour payoff is darker, anyone...
  20. Ilovelulu

    Reviews rejected

    I know we've had a thread (or two) on this before, but needed to vent my rage! lol just had an email telling me my review on a Kipling bag was rejected and seriously folks there wasnt a bad word in it! even mentioned how I was going to get a purse to match the colour (the new organic green)...

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