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    Ideal World put up for sale

    Like many high street stores even Ideal World is not coping with consumer's changing habits. 500 jobs at risk
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    Bid tv - when live tv goes horribly wrong 1 hours 40 mins into this channel 5 show enjoy Peter Simon messing up on bid tv amongst other bid tv faces:mysmilie_17:
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    Mark Ryes wants you to pay £25....

    to get some bloke to go "ho! ho! ho! I'm Santa" Anyone want to pay him £25 no p&p or expensive phone call this time though.
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    Steve McDonald

    How the mighty have fallen even further :mysmilie_17: Even what hair he had as left him in embarrassment.
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    One year since Bid tv was purchased by Grant Miller

    One year on (Thursday) no further on with a relaunch, was there really any point in buying the company?
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    Well everyone the big day is here...

    4 January new Bid tv is here.......? Well supposed to be Twitter still shows last tweet 23 December the website shows a countdown of 8 hours, not an auctioneer or worry angel in sight. Not a p&p or a premium rate phone call anywhere. :mysmilie_506::mysmilie_845:
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    Bid tv website

    The bid tv website has changed I can't get the link to work so type in google to have a look at the countdown to launch Notice lol they are planning to go live at midnight on Christmas Day :mysmilie_17:
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    Bid tv - Will you be going back...?

    Marina Berry - "I won't be going back I'm afraid" Let's see how many more politely refuse ;) *note to mods please amend title spelling Thanks
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    The New Bid tv have developed a catchphrase....

    The price you see is the price you pay :mysmilie_17: Now I am sure that sounds familiar I can't quite remember where I have heard that before :wonder: It could catch on don't you think?
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    New bid tv details to be announced Monday 2 Nov

    The announcement will be made on November 2nd. So looks like it's all go and will be returning.
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    Wouldn't the Bid tv set have looked better like this?

    I was browsing Google and found this now how much better would Bid have looked been broadcast from a set like this? Nothing to do with the above but if you are looking for a picture of a hot sexy tanned man in skimpy shorts...
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    The new

    what exciting products will they have worry angels, Tanzanite jewellrey, washing balls....? Well they are going to be selling: Bid TV ‏@bidtv 22h22 hours ago Bid TV retweeted Maison De Lenclos We're going to be offering a great deal on #CollagenVitaminCapsules when we re-launch! The...
  13. S domain name in dispute

    It appears the "" domain name expired in October 2014 and was registered by a person in China. When Bid Shopping and all it's brand names were bought in February 2015 the new owners filed a UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy). The Domain owner did not respond to the...
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    WinCashLive goes off the tv and online only

    Not sure if it is just a contract that has come to an end or if the channel has died a death but either way they are not on tv at the moment Win Cash Live ‏@wincashlive 7h7 hours ago @KingEurope @askwincashlive No, we'll be back streaming online with some presenters soon. @joetrev no we're...
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    The Craft Channel to rent former Bid studios

    Former Bid Shopping studios (now owned by Lean Forward) have rented one of their studios to a new tv channel called The Craft Channel which launches soon the other two studios will be used by Lean Forward, one is for the current WinCashLive and the other studio will be used for promotions and...
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    £8m to launch wincashlive!!!!!!!

    Seriously they have raised £8m to set Wincashlive up.:mysmilie_466: WTF £8m for a tv camera, some simple graphics, a telephone number and some employees, they didn't even need to spend on the set it was already there. What on earth cost them £8m? Win Cash Live, founded by serial entrepreneur...
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    What is the long term strategy of the channel?

    What do you think is the long term plans for the channel (and not closing down before someone says it):mysmilie_46: Where are they aiming to be by Christmas and beyond. I read on another forum they think this channel will aim for a late night slot on itv or c5 or something like that and maybe...
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    More ex Bid presenters join WinCashLive

    Claire Stuart is the latest to join the channel, how many more do you think there will be?
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    Will WinCashLive slowly morph back into Bid tv

    When WinCashLive either reaches it's peak of people willing to participate for a cash prize that is the equivalent of their phone call, by the way I clicked on the website on Monday and Andy Hodgson congratulated three people who had won £1.25, £1.37 and £1.53 in prize money, will they start to...
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    Lisa Brash

    She disappeared off Twitter and Facebook on 21 February no postings since. Not like Lisa to go quiet anyone know of her current situation I would have thought she might have been involved with WinCashLive.

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