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  1. tabatha

    Decleor Batch Codes

    Apologises I’ve looked but I can’t found it. Can someone please tell me what year a Decleor product is if it starts with a Z. Thank you
  2. tabatha

    Molton Brown Supersize

    Evening Sorry to be a pain but I wondered if anyone know the item number for the Molton Brown Supersize Duo that was on air over the weekend. Many thanks
  3. tabatha

    Liz Earle TSV 28/5/16

    Just noticed that there is a Liz Earle TSV on Saturday 28th of May. This is from their website :- Join Liz Earle Ambassadors, Caroline Archer, Sarah Carr and Abigail James, on QVC throughout Saturday 28th May as they present our exciting new Today’s Special Value – The Step Into Superskin™...
  4. tabatha

    Liz Earle TSV - 14/02/15

    Just seen on the LE Facebook page, that there is a TSV on Saturday 14th February.
  5. tabatha

    Decleor OTO - 207096

    Evening, Just wondered if anyone saw/brought the OTO in the Decleor show tonight. I wanted to buy it but the website is not clear which body milk it is (moisturising or nourishing) and wondered if anyone know which one it was Many thanks xx
  6. tabatha

    Liz Earle TSV - 27/07/14

    Just to let you know, there is a Liz Earle TSV on Sunday 27th of July.
  7. tabatha

    Laura Geller TSV - 09/02/14

    There is a Laura Geller TSV on Sunday 9th of February.
  8. tabatha

    L'Occitane TSV - 06/02/14

    There is a L'Occitane TSV on Thursday 6th of February.
  9. tabatha

    Nails Inc TSV - 21/01/14

    Just seen from the TV Guide, there is a Nails Inc TSV, on Tuesday 21st of January.
  10. tabatha

    L'Occitane TSV - 07/12/13

    Just seen on FB that the L'Occitane Christmas TSV is on Saturday 7th of December.
  11. tabatha

    Liz Earle TSV - 26/10/13

    Just to let you know there is a Liz Earle TSV on Saturday 26th of October. On Saturday 26th October join us for an exclusive Today’s Special Value that’s simply perfect in the run-up to Christmas. Not only will you find your full-size tried-and-trusted daily essentials to keep you looking...
  12. tabatha

    Doll 10 Cosmetics TSV - 14/10/13

    Just seen from the TV Guide there is a Doll 10 Cosmetics on Monday 14th of October.
  13. tabatha

    Lulu Time Bomb TSV - 17/10/13

    Just to let you know there is a Lulu TSV on Thursday 17th of October.
  14. tabatha

    L'Occitane TSV - 28/09/13

    Just seen from the TV Guide there is a L'Occitane TSV on Saturday 28th of September. Let's hope this one is better than the last.
  15. tabatha

    Lulu's Time Bomb TSV - 30/06/13

    Think this is the TSV from Lulu on the 30th of June.
  16. tabatha

    Elemis TSV - 07/07/13

    Think I saw on FB that there was a Elemis TSV on 07/07/13 - which includes the new Skin Nourishing Body Scrub. Think this might be it - 203300
  17. tabatha

    Liz Earle TSV - 20/05/13

    Just to let you know there is a Liz Earle TSV on Monday 20th of May.
  18. tabatha

    Liz Earle OTO

    Just noticed this on the LE FB page. We have an exclusive ‘one time only’ collection on our QVC show later this week which will include a sneak peek of a brand new and very exciting addition to the range. Wondered if anyone had any information about this kit yet. Many thanks xx
  19. tabatha

    Emma Hardie TSV - 16/05/12

    Just noticed there is an Emma Hardie TSV on Thursday 16th of May.
  20. tabatha

    Elemis TSV 12/5/13

    Think this is the May TSV. 202714 - Elemis 7 Piece Top to Toe Radiance Collection

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