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  1. Toadette

    Whats in your haul so far??

    Just wondering what everyone has been buying today. Ive been good and SO FAR i have only bought the 'Ultrasun' TSV, and OPI nail envy. Im swaying on the Revitalash and def going to buy the Elemis TSV. I read on another thread about 'Estee Lauder double wear foundation' and im really liking the...
  2. Toadette

    Kipling TSV 19/9/11

    Does anyone have any idea as to what this TSV might be yet? I have high hopes :clapping: thanks x
  3. Toadette

    Genie cashmere foundation

    I seen this yesterday and was impressed that it contains no bismuth....the big question is has anyone tried it and how did you get on with it, how does it compare against BE MTIA x
  4. Toadette

    Featherbed advice pls

    I have a firm memory foam mattress on my bed and havent really settled into it since we got it and thats been well over a year now. Was just wondering if a featherbed would make it more comfortable. There are so many to choose from too where do you start??? Id be grateful for any help and...
  5. Toadette

    Back Magic

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has a back magic that they use and what your thoughts are on this. Ive just bought one, its sounds as if i could be a new me and sort out all my stiffness and painful back and shoulders. MTIA x :happy:
  6. Toadette

    Back Magic

    Has anyone bought one of these? Is it as good as the reviews say? Ive read some of the reviews and Im tempted to go for this and as its to help relieve my back of pain maybe the F.A.R.T.S wont track me down Really be interested in an honest opinion
  7. Toadette

    Markon boots

    Nearly 2 years ago I bought a pair of Markon boots from QVC, these are the best boots i have ever owned. They have the perfect sized heel and are so comfortable that they can be worn all day without giving sore feet. Since then I ave been looking for the same boots in black and QVC never seem...
  8. Toadette

    Kipling TSV 21/4/09

    Just wondering if any of the tec's have any idea what delight will be the TSV? MTIA :)
  9. Toadette

    Another QVC parcel goes astray

    I ordered a Liz Earle set on the 5th December, so far not a thing and im raging. wish i was a postie's wife, coz they must get some right cracking pressies at Christmas. Im hoping it still could show up but wont put money on it. :(
  10. Toadette

    Cooks essentials Technique Knives??

    Has anyone tried these knives? Im looking for good knives that take a sharpening, seen these and i was tempted but was wondering if anyone has tried them and could let me know how they are. :6:

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