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    Chloe’s sales talk

    Just seen Chloe selling the Rene and pelle faux leather Jacket floral etc Her and the guest presenter took turns trying it on As you would .. coz it a demonstration But .. Chloe says ... “ you can tell when something is really popular because everybody wants to try it “ ( or words to that...
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    Buying popcorn from QVC

    Just wanted to warn you about the possibility that popcorn can cause abscesses on teeth/gums an article that the kernels can get stuck fast and even excellent cleaning can’t alwsys remove them ...they said that just say “popcorn” to a dentist and they will say abscess ... I was so...
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    Has Loccitane gone ?

    Wondering where these shows have gone ? Not one as far as I can see in the schedules even before Mother's Day which is most unusual
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    Best QVC hair product for frizzy menopause hair ?

    I am having issues with my hair in the last Month and even hairdresser says yes a definate shift in its texture and she has suggested overnight conditioning etc ...I've tried it but I think I may need to pay a bit more for the best results ? ...I am "co washing " at the moment ...using just...
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    Feather design on Alison Cork hour and Julia's reaction Versus Kipling feather print

    Just finding it odd that when Julia presented the Kipling feather print a couple of weeks ago , she sort of gave a what I perceived as a mocking glance to Marie Francoise. This was because Marie had mentioned the significance, to some people, of feathers ( I.E Spriutual or Angels maybe )...
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    Loccitanne sensitivity ?

    Having not touched my loccitanne products whilst away and using a speacial cream from the doctors ( also using aveena hand cream because of great feedback here for it ) I have started using the wash product I have ...the foaming milk and the verbena hand wash ...well it seems I am getting the...
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    A gentle hand cream recommendation anybody please ?

    Hi I was just wondering if anybody on this lovley forum has bought a hand cream from QVC. The has calmed sore skin ...I seems to have has a reaction suddenly from some rings ..never happened before ...chemist recemmneded hydrocortisone cream which as helped a lot ( said visit doc of course if no...
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    I returned item by Royal Mail they say not recieved yet

    Hello has anybody returned an item through their free postal service ( sent me wrong item accidently ) Royal Mail ..for it to take a while to be recieved by them ? 10 days ago I posted and I rang to find out if recieved for which they say not recieved yet ...I have a small yello receipt...
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    Charlie Blech ...(Bears)

    The fella who sells them just described himself wearing a onesie ...sorry but too much information ... Blech ...and very pushy sales techniques today ...:giggle:
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    Fetch the popcorn ..Davina on now

    I am all for the fitness thing ...but her faces she pulls are a "bring the pop corn" spectacle ...IMHO ..lose pounds and watch them fall into Davina's pocket ... Seriously read Gilian Riley ..a ditching Diets's helped me loads ...she also helps people give up smoking ...she emphasises...
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    Yulin Dog Meat Festival ....does a certain retailer on QVC benefit from the fur ?

    Ricky Gervais is highlighting this monstrous industry ..he has watched a terrible video of it all and it put me to mind of somebody who's name I don't want to utter because if I have my facts right he deals with real animal fur ....I feel physically sick at anything or anybody connected with...
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    Yong Kim ?????

    Seriously I am so bewildered by this awful brand ....the last item shown looked like my primark cardi that got scrunched up at the bottom of my clean washing...and as Hughie Green used to say ...and I mean that most sincerely friends ..the price too!!!....I mean it I think it's an insult
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    Any opinions on WEN hair products please? Thank you in advance ;0)

    I would love to try a cruelty free hair product is so near to my heart this product generally giving good results please? ...many thanks
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    Super excited !!! Is Pippa ...about ....... Shelves

    Need I say more lol .....just switched it on when Pippa was on and that's what I was greeted with .... It it just me :mysmilie_17:
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    Pippa is soooo excited about the cooks essentials pans ...Really?

    Sorry buy how bliddy banal can anybody get excited about pans ....handbags yes I will give you that one ...but pans :mysmilie_17:
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    Kipling shows 7th aug

    2 shows 2pm and 7 pm........
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    Singer Lulu daily express ..admits help with facial looks!!

    3. If all else fails, cheat! Lulu admitted that she's had a bit of help in the past to ensure her face is permanently wrinkle-free. The star says that she has dabbled with Botox but you need to be "smart" with it. "You have to try a little harder, be a bit clever! It's all about accentuating...
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    Kipling shows so boring...

    There is a show on now and one tonight at 11pm ....yesterday the show was cut by 6 mins to accommodate liz Earle i noticed! ....and as for keep showing the fairfax..with symi purse ...what damp squib ....nobody seems to want that style anymore ...and the exclusives aye sooooo expensive yet...
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    Kipling 3pm today ad tomorrow

    Two, hour shows today and tomorrow :mysmilie_492:
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    Buy very similar in Primark and fraction of price...really lovely

    Fiorelli Costume Statement Flower 40cm Necklace I saw yesterday in Primark ...a necklace almost identical ....and fraction of price's gorgeous.... if you don't want to pay qvc price ...check it out ...sorry i have no pic of Primark one ....but here is qvc one to give you idea...

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