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    Dennis Basso

    Is Dennis Basso still on QVC? Haven't seen him lately and all his items are on Clearance.
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    Catherine Russell

    Haven't seen Catherine the Model for ages she was always on QVC
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    Keeley did not look too happy at the end of the Show with Alex for some reason.
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    Ann Dawson

    Is Ann Dawson married? I only ever hear her mention her 3 sons and her daughter in law who is a QVC model.
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    Jill Franks

    Is Jill Franks still at QVC haven't seen her for weeks?
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    New Presenter

    Who is the new Presenter on the Style Channel?
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    Why ever have they let Keely go on air, she sounds awful it is uncomfortable to watch her.
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    Miceal Murphy

    Glad Miceal has got rid of the beard he looks so much better without it.
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    Jill Franks

    Thought I would watch Kim and Co. and once again Jill Franks is on, she never seems to be off our screens. Have had to switch off.:mysmilie_51:
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    Alison Keenan

    [IB][/B] Charlie said on the Diamonique Show that Alison will be off for a few weeks, does anyone know why?
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    Julia Roberts daughter Sophie

    Just as a matter of interest does anyone know what Sophies job description is on QVC?
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    Elemis TSV 8/7/17

    Any ideas what this will be please?
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    Haven't seen Tanya lately is she still at QVC?
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    Goody the Model

    Haven't seen Goody the Model for a while, wondering if she has retired?
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    Catherine Huntley - Twitter

    I think it was unfair that Catherine gave the details of the OTO to twitter users on the 9 p.m show last night, when it was shown the stock had nearly sold out. Not everyone uses Twitter.Saying that I think Debbie Flint also does it.
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    James Read

    Saw a spray liquid tan being demonstrated today. It looks very similar to one that was on QVC many years ago, it was also sold in Harrods. Can anyone remember the name please?
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    Next Day TSV Review

    Debbie said that you could click on the website and review the next day's TSV. Can anyone remember how to do it please?
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    New Presenters

    I hear there are 2 new presenters, wonder if they are replacing anyone? :mysmilie_17:
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    Virgin Media

    What has happened to QVC on Virgin Media cannot get the programme. Hope it has not been taken off air!!!
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    Haven't seen Tanya for a while is she still at QVC?

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