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    Random musings and general banter.

    My guess would be Anglers' Monthly.
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    New From TJC: Meteorite Jewellery!

    Wooo-ooooo-ooooo-oo! Cris St Valery is on a roll talking carp about the newest snake oil gubbins TJC has bought in to flog to the public. Never mind your "elite" shungite that can cure every ailment from ingrown toenails to being dead for 100+ years! TJC has meteorite jewellery!! What's its...
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    Gemporia's New Sales Technique

    Crikey. I think that has just broke my brain
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    Lola Rose etc don't care: they have already had x amount of pounds from Q by selling a massive amount of products to them. They're not going to care about what Q then sells these products for. People will still buy direct, especially if they have more cash than sense because they wouldn't...
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    Gemporia's New Sales Technique

    I switch over whenever she appears on screen for exactly the same reasons. I am sure that she's absolutely lovely, but she's a terrible advert for Gems. If management are perfectly happy to show her and her bad habits on telly, then I can't help but wonder how bad staff are behind the scenes.
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    Gemporia's New Sales Technique

    Victoria Norris has taken the Gemporia sales spiel to new levels today by using the Coronavirus pandemic to convince people to buy jewellery. Yup, if you're in isolation and panicky, just stay tuned to Gemporia and buy their wares! Never mind worrying about trying to buy some food and loo...
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    Veggie bags

    I can't remember the last time I bought something from Q. And the odd channel hop hasn't made me want to change that anytime soon
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Maybe the bleach has started leaching into whatever's left of her brain. Or the shock of seeing Creepy Crawley's bits on a regular basis has derailed what few senses she has
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    I switch over when Mark is presenting. He goes overboard with his overacting. Rachel is just as bad. Out of the blue one of them will pull the "We've gone far too low! This makes me so angry, but we'll just have to go with it!" crap. Then they'll syate that only TJC can go so low because they...
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    Gemporia chat show

    I love listening to the waffle. Especially when they go on and on about the likes of the Koh-i-noor etc before landing on a tiny stone in gold covered silver foil and falling over themselves because it was found within 300 miles of where that famous stone was mined. I especially loved the...
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    Gemporia has gone down the same route QVC went down about 8 years ago. No talking about the items, no specs or measurements info, but loads of gab about the presenters' new books, new homes, what their kids did in school or whatever. I feel sorry for prospective Gemporia buyers. By tbe time...
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    I always change channels when the buyers appear. Unless they're on with Lindsay Gunderson. It doesn't matter who she's on with, Lindsay will talk or shout over everybody. She left Lucy Q speechless when the designer started explaining the background to yet another drippy necklace thing, and...
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    Peter Sherlock is back on shopping tv yet again !!!!

    Saw him on the other day. He's just as greasy as he was on Bid and IW. So long as you keep telling yourself that he couldn't speak the truth if his life depended on it, he's fairly fun to watch. No wonder Chloe was spitting feathers the other week. She spent a good portion of one shift cursing...
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    Amit is leaving TJC! 😳

    Chloe memtioned a couple of times in her show today that the 3rd of October (tomorrow!) is Amit's last day at TJC!! I have to admit, I always thought that you would need to prise Amit out of TJC with a team of weightlifters armed with crowbars. Yet here we are. I wonder if he's jumped, or got...
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    Presenters rubbing/wiping their noses on air

    What is it with Gemporia presenters always rubbing or wiping their noses on air? Adina is the worst for this, when she's not catching herself falling out of her dress/top, or persistently trying (and failing) to brush her hair over one shoulder. Why doesn't she get her hair cut if it keeps...
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    How many lights are on Ellis ward now?

    Just landed on Gemporia while channel hopping, and nearly dropped my mug of coffee. Ellis Ward appears to be sitting under at least three floodlights. I know Ellis isn't as young as some of the other sales people, but it looks really wrird. Is this to hide the fact that she's not so young any...
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    The Continuing Downward Slide of TJC

    I was channel hopping the other day, and landed on TJC. I know the channel has been trying loads of different things apart from jewellery now, but even I was shocked to find Rachel shilling an old staple: the "Sexxy Shoo" perfume with a tacky bottle in the shape of a stiletto shoe. Like...
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    QVC Fashion Week Runway

    Just switched over 10 minutes into this, and WHAT is Baroness Dracula dressed like? She looks like she's made that tunic top (dress?) out of my mum's old sofa covers from the late 1980s. Oh, and she's apparently forgotten to put her trousers on too. Seriously, that ugly dress is way too short...
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    "Presenter" Pick of the Show? Really?

    Chloe has just tried running a coral and opal silver friendship type bracelet, which just died on its feet. It started off at £200, then stopped dead. After saying that the price was getting checked out behind the scenes, the auction gets pulled. What's interesting is what Chloe says next. "I...
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    Someone Please Buy The New Presenters a Dictionary And A Thesaurus

    Is anyone else getting bored of the newer presenters trying to big up whatever they're selling by using convoluted and overblown descriptions. Like every other selly telly presenter you may be thinking. And I agree, except Mark, Rachel and company try using words in a way that make no sense, and...

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