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  1. LE lover


    She is such a polished professional and calm presenter. An excellent addition to the team. During the BB hour the whole focus has been on the products and she lets the guest speak. What a refreshing change. of tweeting , no shrieking, no preening, no going on about the 30 day mbg...
  2. LE lover

    Easyo advice please.

    I love my Easyo and don't have any problems with it setting. I can't ,however, seem to get the thick consistency that they get on the demonstrations. Any tips please? By the way has anyone tried making the chocolate truffles made with the Greek yogurt and oreos;, i may give them a try but...
  3. LE lover

    mimic root hair colour

    Has anyone tried this. It looks impressive but any feedback Will be appreciated, while i decide whether to try it. Thank you.
  4. LE lover

    Feng shui . What a load of ....

    I cannot believe the absolute b******s that is being spouted . This is like some comedy parody and not in a good way. Did you know your furniture speaks to you? A handbag completely influenced by feng shui. £51 for the privilege. An absolute joke ,but fair play to chuntley(yes you heard right)...
  5. LE lover

    Debbie Flint without make up

    She looks good. I always think she looks very dated but she looks years younger without the slap. Fair play to her for going bare faced.
  6. LE lover

    Trinny and Susannah

    They're on this afternoon at 3. Usually good for a laugh.
  7. LE lover

    Thank you Julia

    Just watched Julia present the trespass TSV, she gave details about sizing,not just fleeting but matched them up with high street sizes. Thanks Julia a pleasant change to have this info,usually its glossed over with vague comparisons but she really spent time on it. (she didn't mention what...
  8. LE lover

    please take their I pads away.

    This afternoon Pippa has spent more time looking at her I pad than showing the jewellery. I didn't watch to see pictures of people's dogs or listen to the inane crap being tweeted in. Yes i know its NY day but these I pads appear to be pemanantly surgically attached to them . Pippa is one of...
  9. LE lover

    AY is back.

    Ali young is back and looking good. Watching her now, i've realised i missed her shows and sense of humour. Who'd have thought it
  10. LE lover

    Your highlight of 2012

    So another year of Q nearly over.Love it or hate it , it gives us plenty to laugh, moan, bitch and talk about. They are showing some highlights tonight. What have yours been? Mine was seeing Amica and Ali K back and i wish them both good health and happiness for 2013. Happy new year...
  11. LE lover

    I love Julian

    Just watching him now, and i don't even like craft shows.. Such a down to earth presenter with a great sense of humour I wish he was on more often.
  12. LE lover

    Jemma kidd artist pro pallette.

    There is loads of Jemma Kidd in clearance. I've got my eye on the pro artist palette. Item no 201120 (sorry don't know how to do links) The reviews are mixed. Has anyone tried it? Any opinions please on this item or the range. Thanks
  13. LE lover

    Morning everyone

    Morning. Just came too say have a great day I'm thinking of you all. whether you're on your own ,with family you want to be with,family you don't want to be with or just chilling in front of the tv. Relax and enjoy. Love to you all. x Sorry i forgot to add to Donna ,TinksTristar and anyone...
  14. LE lover

    The perfect nude lipstick or gloss

    I'm looking for a pinky nude lipstick or gloss. Does anyone have any recommendations as the ones i have ordered in the past are either to browny or too pale. I tried the BE dolly but it was too dark, The laura geller one from the TSV,which i got from the bay, too brown and so the quest goes on...
  15. LE lover

    Lily o brian guest

    What an entertaining guest and a stark contrast to the sugary syrupy Thornton lady. I usually dislike people who describe themselves as crazy or whacky, because they're usually not nearly as funny as they think they are, but this one i really like. Crap chocolates but great guest.
  16. LE lover

    What would you buy the presentetrs for Christmss.

    AY sat there splitting up the Elemis. TSV. desperately trying to think which presenters she would give items from the TSV. too for Christmas and why. Quite painful too watch. So what would you buy and for who? Fiona would get a Thesaurus to look up alternatives for amazing and renowned...
  17. LE lover

    Eek earings. Give them to someone who pops in uninvited

    The guest on the eek show has just suggested that you give a pair of earings to someone who may pop in over Christmas. without being invited. A drink and a mince pie maybe not earings .
  18. LE lover

    Smaller sizes not catered for.

    Just seen one of Anthony tops that i really liked. ooh i thought i will treat myself. But hang on DF says they come up true to size but if in doubt go down a size. So i waited to see the sizes. XS 39 inch. Well that's Not, i repeat not an XS. Why do they keep doing this? I need a 34 Inch but...
  19. LE lover

    Why do you watch Q?

    So i'm guessing there are many reasons we. watch. Some for : particular products Background noise...
  20. LE lover

    B&W couture

    Isn't it just the same ss the usual array of glittery animals and hands but more expensive? Why they kiss SW backside is beyond me.

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