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  1. stratobuddy

    Who was doing the . . . .

    . . . tech presentation of the Aftershokz headphones this afternnoon? I noticed that she was constantly trying to interrupt the "expert", not always successfully.
  2. stratobuddy

    How long before QVC sell this Dyson?

    Unbelievable price of £500 for a desk lamp! It was on the Gadget Show tonight.
  3. stratobuddy

    Costs £540 and then - - - -

    - - - - they have the cheek to charge £7-95 PP. And it didn't have good reviews either.
  4. stratobuddy

    Should I - - - - - ?

    - - - - - Should I post a question to ask which one is the hot one, and which is the cold?
  5. stratobuddy


    I haven't seen Small Office Home Office on Q for many years. It brings back memories of Tim Goodwin, Anthony Heywood and LJ Rich. Remember them?
  6. stratobuddy

    Yet another torn delivery note

    Has anyone else had this problem? The address label / delivery note / return document is inside a transparent window glued to the package. But when you try to remove the paperwork, a lot of the inside of the transparent window also has adhesive on it, making it very difficult to remove. So I...
  7. stratobuddy

    What QVC sale items have you bought?

    I have had my eye on this for weeks, as it was 55% off already, but couldn't justify it because of the high PP, but that has now gone down to 99P, AND I also got the 20% off as well.
  8. stratobuddy

    Why do they ignore reviews …..

    ….. except when they are good. I've just been reading the reviews for this item, WHICH THEY ARE SELLING AGAIN AFTER LOADS OF APPALLING REVIEWS. If you go onto the reviews and...
  9. stratobuddy

    Another QVC con

    I received this about 2 days ago, possibly yesterday 17th December. I read the normal size print, and thought it was a genuine offer. After a few hours, I realised there was some microscopic print in the black area at the bottom, cunningly disguised so it was not easy to see it was even there...
  10. stratobuddy

    Does this sound familiar?

    It is Morrisons !
  11. stratobuddy

    Advanced orders from the "get-go"

    I dislike the term "get-go" but couldn't think of anything else. When I ordered this item as a TSV - - - - - - - - - it said it was on advanced order and would be...
  12. stratobuddy

    Ipad/phone/tablet pillow £19-99+ £2-95 PP Seen it for as low as £3 + £1 PP if you google it, stacks of them on Ebay or Wish, etc.
  13. stratobuddy

    Hermes revelations

    And article in my local paper by a Plymouth whistleblower about Hermes shortcomings.
  14. stratobuddy

    A Parker pen bargain - - -

    £10 off down to £5-99 (a genuine offer as I saw them at full price recently, and WHS are even more than £15-99). A Parker stainless steel black-ink GEL pen with a gold-clip. I am a fan of gel ink over ordinary ink, and I already have one of these pens, and like it. If you have a local branch...
  15. stratobuddy

    How Much??????

    2 fairly small silicone squeezy bottles £29-95 including the extortionate £3-95 pp for such a small, light item. So that's £14-73 each !!!!!
  16. stratobuddy

    Another shambles

    The Kuhn Rikon utensil store 809503. Only a minor shambles this time, but the description says HAND WASH ONLY but the presenter said THE WHOLE LOT IS DISHWASHER SAFE. Can't they get anything right? This follows my post about the Ninja where the most basic details were missing, such as size...
  17. stratobuddy

    402129 Squat Magic Exerciser

    The mind boggles about this title ! Unfortunately I can no longer copy photos from Q onto here, as soon as you try, it changes to a magnified view. Having said that, I've now managed it.
  18. stratobuddy

    I want to buy several items …...

    …… all about £20, but all have £3-95 pp. If the postage was capped, I would have bought them, but not with £12 pp on top. I believe Ideal World has capped postage, but I don't buy from them any more because of appalling CS the last time I did. Their PP is so antiquated, eg 1/2 price on 2nd...
  19. stratobuddy

    I think this is very impressive

    I'm very impressed with this (even though I don't need it) as it is so well thought out and satisfies my gadget craving.
  20. stratobuddy

    £6000 for a ring and .......

    ……. they still add £6 P&P. So I won't get one on principal ;)

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