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    Silly Ideal World

    Ideal World has been flogging the XHose for the past half hour. According to the graphics it at a Special Price - Lowest Ever Price. Wasn't it a POTD a few days ago? Spot the error: Our Usual Price: £89.99 Save 10% Now: £88.00. Ideal World obviously hasn't noticed. Presumably no one...
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    Acer 7" Tablet TSV 23/03/13

    Tablet TSV Ideal's World Pick of the Day is a tablet. Apparently it sold out early, so they're flogging a different model now. Coincidently, QVC's TSV is a table. This one...
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    Grundig mixer LOL with Howard

    Bit of a LOL moment from Howard (my least favourite presenter) reading out reviews for the Grundig Mixer. Firstly he read this review of the product on their website out: Note the last four words of the review: "Quality, Value and Convience" - QVC. LOL. He then went on to read out this...
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    Satnav Pick of the Day

    Tonight's Pick of the Day is a half-price sat nav? So what? Well, interestingly, it's not a TomTom. It'll be interesting to see how Ideal World try to flog this one, given all the 'I wouldn't use anything else' praise they've previously heaped on TomTom.
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    New refurbished PC

    Should something that's been "refurbished" be described as "new?"
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    Ideal World jumps on the bingo bandwagon

    Ideal World has jumped on the bingo bandwagon: I suppose it's not such a bad deal, though: deposit £5 with Gala Bingo and get a £10 Ideal World voucher.
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    What's happened to the cute guy who used to promote TomTom on Ideal World? I think his name was Dan.
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    When is Christmas Day?

    Throughout the morning Mark Ryes was telling viewers that today there's exactly ten weeks to Christmas. I've just checked my diary and note that Christmas is on a Sunday this year. Today is Thursday! Oh, and his disabled co-presenter mentioned that their money back guarantee has been extended...
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    Stolen pictures?

    Do you think I should tell QVC someone's stolen a couple of pictures from there set and just left the frames behind? :wink:
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    QVC bargain?

    I sometimes wonder how QVC manages to stay in business. Presumably the V in QVC no longer stands for value? £14.82 plus £4.45 for six Trouser Hangers. Mad!
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    Janice presenting alone?

    Is Janice presenting the midnight hour alone tonight? It looks like it, and she seems to be doing a pretty good job. Must be a difficult thing to do. Dennice Robinson is suppose to be the presenter.
  12. M web streaming

    Just noticed that, and its sister channels, are now streamed online. :)
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    How rare is platinum?

    I'm watching Julia flog the TSV: a Skagen Platinum Plated watch. She's just said: "I don't know if you realise it, but of all the platinum ever mined, ever, in the history of the world, if they put it all into an Olympic sized swimming pool it would only come up to your ankles. It is a really...
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    What's happened to Ideal World?

    Ideal World is currently off-air. Their website and Freeview is currently carrying a black screen. :dull:
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    SCS using music

    Just seen the latest SCS advert. I was a bit surprised to hear them playing the music, which I assumed was a composition created especially for the bidding channel.
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    QVC Beauty

    QVC Beauty - is it new? I was flicking through the Freeview EPG and discovered a channel on LCN 48 called QVC Beauty. It's not on-air at the moment, but a caption says it'll be back at 8am and can be viewed online at
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    Another Peter Simon LOL moment

    Caught the end of Peter Simon's stint on this morning at 1.30am. After Peter gave thanks to everyone behind the scenes the director gave us a long shot, with Peter in the background and a wheelchair in the foreground. It was almost as if it was there to wheel him off. :happy:
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    Peter Simon's been a naughty bunny again

    Peter Simon's been a naughty bunny again. A few minutes ago he meant to say power cut, but said power c*nt. :happy:
  19. M broken on Freeview is currently broken on Freeview:
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    Gems TV showing football

    Anyone know why Gems TV is showing football on Freeview at the moment?

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