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    Hi, I was just wondering have any people on here tried this product? There are only a few reviews and I wondered from the horses mouth - has it been successful?
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    Are crafts coming back to QVC, was wondering if anyone knew when? :flower:
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    Mally High Shine Lipsticks

    I love these lip glosses and have used only them for 8 years :mysmilie_12: I cannot find them available anywhere else except QVC in the UK (except E-Bug and you don't know if they are real or fake on there). QVC sell sets 'Mally High Shine Lipstick Trio' but there is usually only one colour I...
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    Crafter's Companion goes to Hochanda!

    So Sara Davies has moved lock, stock and barrel to Hochanda. She certainly seems to be a very savy business woman so it must be a good move for her.
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    Launching tomorrow....

    I'm going to miss the launch show at 8.00am but will watch the repeat later, anyone going to watch it?
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    Appreciation of effort made by presenters

    Personally I would like to say how lovely Clare is looking this Sunday. She has brightened up the morning with her lovely hairstyle and smiles. I would like to veer away from any negativity about any persons appearance or dress sense. :mysmilie_11: Wouldn't it be nice to have a thread...
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    Appropriate products for time of the day

    I just settled down for a bite to eat (with it being lunch time and all that). Switched on the tv and thought ahh the 1.00pm show, great. Euuugggghhhhhhhh I did not want to see some disgusting cracked heels. Put me right off my tuna pate wrap!
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    Dawn Bibby

    Now that she has left C&C who thinks she will make a come back at QVC? I wouldn't be at all surprised.
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    Say 'Yes' to the dress Basso!

    Watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' as you do and up came a Dennis Basso dress!!!!! Shock horror, it was really quite nice :mysmilie_13: Perhaps the Q will start selling bridal dresses.
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    I Pads ?

    The cheek of it, my kids school have asked parents to purchase an I Pad for them to bring into school with them. I am against this for a number of reasons but my main one is that you cannot use word documents on it. Now I know QVC stock them, but I'm not majorly up on this type of thing so...
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    Rosemary Conley

    I haven't seen Rosemary Conley on screen for ages and thought she looked really well on the morning show. Her diet and fitness regime seems to work for her as she looks amazing, I think she said she was 65. I tried her 'hip and thigh diet' once and it worked, as do most things if you stick to...
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    Next Mally show?

    Would anyone happen to know when the next Mally show is on?
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    How much?????

    There must be a lot of people out there in craft land who have wads of dosh. £369.77 for the blockbuster 'deal' of the month? I thought that we were in a recession, ohh only in London, not in Peterborough then.
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    So Stephanie is back

    Just saw on Create & Craft website - Stephanie is back already. Picture on the presenters page and everything. Quick work or what, talk about not waiting for the dust to settle. Wishing her well.
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    Oh dear... Loen

    ...please please, please pause for breath, I was interested in the Dormeo Breeze mattress but wanted to hear the guest explain the layers and details about the cover but she could not get a word in edgeways, so I didn't buy it. You are lovely and your stories are entertaining but I really felt...
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    So suprised at Kim & Co

    A couple of weeks ago someone gave me a Kim & Co top. I wore it on Sunday and it was really lovely, shock horror! I thought the fabric would be really clingy and hot but it wasn't. I felt cool in it, it was very light in weight and the colours and design were really fresh looking. If you...
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    LVCC cake decorating show

    Just enjoyed a wonderful 2 hours watching a cake decorating class on C&C, The quality of the items, cake that was made and all the hints and tips makes me want to get baking and decorating immediately. Well done C&C on such an enjoyable show.
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    FOUND long lost MP

    Just seen where the long lost Peter Mandelson (MP) has been hiding, just seen him playing the guitar in the new 'ding dong' Christmas promo on Grate and Craft....:giggle:
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    Diet Chef - any good?

    I want to drop a few pounds before Christmas and have been thinking of doing the Diet Chef programme. Can anyone tell me if it is worth giving it a go? Any good weight losses (I've seen Bags and WOW 4 stone!!). Also, if you have done DC have you kept the weight off.... the tricky part:happy:
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    Spell stuff

    Don't often comment on here but must say I am not enjoying all this spell stuff, are you?:down: My crafting doesn't want to go there. Much prefer angels, fairys are ok but don't like the dark stuff... going a bit too mystical for me.:mysmilie_514:

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