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    Sarah Payne the fascinator Queen

    I've marvelled at Sarah's obsession with fascinators on Create and Craft for many a moon, In the past I've let it pass without comment as they always seemed to be in a similar spot so just pondered if it was covering a bald patch and therefore to comment would have been cruel, Today the...
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    Virgin Media

    Isn't it about time they started broadcasting on Virgin Cable too? I really like it as a channel (Mainly because of all the ex QVC people!) But would like to watch it as part of my normal lineup - Not on my laptop The shopping channel lineup on Virgin is woefully inadequate IMHO!
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    Vax - Don't innovate - Duplicate!

    Watching the promotion for the "Vax Airlift" and I think Dyson should be watching too - I've never seen so many similar / identical features, It's like a poor quality deja vu! Joanne fawning all over it isn't helping matters either, "Wow it picked that up no problems" "Oh the suction is so...
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    Broadcasting when? and on what channel?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if this channel will ever get it's own channel number? And when and where it broadcasts at the moment? All the bits of it I've seen so far have been on "TJC Choice" on (Sky) Channel 660 just after midnight, Also - has Lavers made an appearance yet? It's been great...
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    Hochanda is off the air! (As of 5:20AM 09/09/2015)

    Video on the website is also down! Currently have a splash screen on sky saying "We are inferencing technical difficulties - Sorry for any inconvenience" Interestingly the internet stream still has the "repeat" dog in the top right.. Is this the end? Has there been a fire? (or is it too soon...
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    The Non Craft item tread

    6AM Show - They are now selling a Halogen Oven! Wasn't this meant to be a Craft Channel? If they are already diversifying into selling all manner of other junk IW sell - Is this the beginning of the end or are they just trying to find ANYTHING that'll sell at this point? Wonder what we'll get...
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    The most Eco Friendly Channel ?

    Started watching for the first time last night and - wow this channel is ... Mmmmm ... Lets use the word shoddy! Lots of issues so not going to list them all but the main ones that stand out for me - The set looks like it's lit with 2 - 60W bulbs, Dark to the point of grim! There's shadows...

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