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    Ludicrous statement from Breville HotCup guest

    Just watched a presentation for the Breville HotCup Hot Water Disperser. To try and make this item seem more fantastic than it actually is, the guest says 'We all know it, you boil a whole kettle of water for just 1 cup of coffee!' (check the video on QVC - 45 seconds into the presentation)...
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    QVC's latest French fragrance - Douche!

    I watched the Morning Show on QVC this morning and had a good laugh. They were showcasing 4 fragrances from the French company Air D'Antan. The on screen details showed one of the fragrances as 'Douche'. I thought that can't possibly be right, nobody would be that stupid to call a perfume...
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    Professional hair models

    This is something that has ALWAYS irked me, and no one hair care range is to blame more than any other. They ALL irritate me. I remember Ojon using this particular trick back in the day but they’re all at it now. I’m talking about using professional hair models to demonstrate how good a...
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    Presenting styles....

    I only occasionally now dip into Rocks & Co but I had it on yesterday and could only last about 5 minutes before I had to change the channel. There were 2 presenters on and one of them was Kieran. Someone should really tell him that he doesn't have to SHOUT ALL THE TIME. My ears were ringing...
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    Susannah chastised for saying a 'naughty' word.

    I've just watched the 8 - 9pm Trinny & Susannah hour and the presenter (Marverine) apologised to us for Susannah's use of the word 'bloody'. I thought I was watching a Sunday school teacher telling off a child for 'using a naughty word' (her actual words). Poor Susannah didn't even know what...
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    Proto-Col, misleading sizes and the price of postage

    I recently bought the 'silver' option of Proto-Col (the one that came with the capsules, hand cream, moisturing facial gel and the collagen eye filler) and only noticed today that the face & hand products are in tiny quantities. I had put the products on a shelf near a window and as I was...

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